Testimonials About Steadman Uhlich: Equestrian Parent Comments

Summary: The comments below are verbatim quotes from the father of one of my subjects in my current project, Equestrian Portraits.

For this particular client, I have created a set of unique and extraordinary portraits and images of his daughter, her horse, and his daughter with her horse. Most of these images are not shown on this site or the internet on purpose, as they are also intended for inclusion in a future book on my work.


Verbatim Testimonial Letter from the Parent of an Equestrian Subject

To Whom it May Concern: “In the last 14 years that our daughter has ridden horses and competed, we have taken thousands of photos of our daughter and had many professional photographers take her picture as she performed in countless horse shows or competitions.   Steadman’s photos, taken both at our barn’s arena while our daughter practiced and at our home are unlike any that I have seen before.”“Steadman made his artistic portraits of our daughter in a small space in our house, yet the photos look like they were made in a large studio. I am amazed at how he does it.  I have a nice DSLR camera and I take lots of photos of my daughter, but he was able to capture something else and something new and unique.”

“Some of the most interesting and unique images Steadman made are not shown on his posters or his website. He told us about this prior to photographing our daughter, and I did not really understand at the time. Now I understand.You really need to see these for yourself. It is amazing to see how a single photo session can yield so many different looks and expressions and how he uses his artist’s eye to make something special for each person.  He made some pictures for my daughter that I am sure she will use for years because they are elegant and striking.  These are not ordinary portrait photographs.”
“It was a real honor that Steadman selected one image from our daughter’s session to create a work of his art using our horse as the model.  He told us that was something he had as a goal and I just did not anticipate the image being so beautiful and surprisingly different.  I have photographed that horse many times and I never saw this and I have not seen anything like it from any other photographer or artist.  We are very proud it is one of our horses. It is not just another portrait, it is art.”

“Steadman also made some incredible photos of my daughter practicing in a large dark indoor arena in the dead of winter.  I don’t know how he did it.    It amazed me that he did this without using any flash at all, so he would not disturb the horse and rider.  He just used the natural light that was available to him.
The photos are beautiful and natural looking. When I first saw them, I said “WOW.”

“I highly recommend that everyone who loves horses take advantage of this chance to get something special by Steadman.  These are not just snapshots and they are not the common event photos we see at every competition. We have seen many professional equine photographers as we have traveled the country to competitions, including the Nationals, the Colorado Horse Park, and the Kentucky Horse Park, and these photos Steadman has made are unlike anything I have seen before.  These portraits Steadman will make of your horse and the rider are going to be something you will not regret buying. These stand out from the crowd.  Steadman Uhlich and his art are definitely “World Class.”"

“He definitely has a different approach to working with people and horses.  I now know why so many people have trusted him to make something special.  It is rare to find someone whom you can trust so much and still be surprised at the outcome and have your expectations exceeded.”

“As a parent of someone who loves horses and has competed locally, regionally and even nationally for years, and as an owner of multiple horses, I know that it is smart to invest in quality. I cannot over-emphasize the high quality of what you will get if you hire Steadman to make a portrait of you or your horse. We know that our horse will be a part of our family for several more years and we are prepared to spend what it takes to care for that horse and to help our daughter get where she wants to go in competition.  With a portrait by Steadman, we will have a beautiful, extraordinary, and lasting reminder of that horse and our rider’s beauty.  These really are heirlooms in the making. Without a doubt, he is worth it.”

— Dr. M.W., Omaha, Nebraska

Here are a few examples of the portraits and art Steadman made with this rider:


Second Example of Visiting Artist Program Results for a Host Family

Verbatim Testimonial Letter from the Parent of an Equestrian Subject. The parent was also a Host Participant in Steadman’s Visiting Artist Program.

To whom it may concern:
I did not know Steadman Uhlich prior to meeting him recently after seeing his work. I checked into his background, looked at his online portfolios, read his testimonials, and after discussing this with my husband, we decided to host Steadman at our home as participants in his Visiting Artists Program. I am very glad we made that decision.

We are “Empty Nesters” and my husband and I first met with Steadman and spent some hours getting to know him. He has proven to be a good house guest, good company, and even a good cook. My husband and I have enjoyed many hours of conversations with him and time spent together at horse events and dinners. I feel we have not only gained things in art created for us, but we have also made a new friend. He is someone you can trust. Now as our time as his hosts has reached an end, I want to share with you my experience as a Host in his Visiting Artist Program.

Soon after arriving, Steadman arranged a photo session with my adult daughter and her horses. I was present at the photo shoot and observed how he worked with her, the horses and her dogs.
Despite the cold weather, the windy conditions, the leaf-less trees and the rather drab surroundings of a typical Omaha winter’s day, Steadman told us the conditions were very good for portraits.
I was a bit apprehensive because our horses are in their furry winter coats. I was not sure if those would look good in a photo. Steadman assured us the furry winter condition of their coats would be a positive thing to see in the final photos.

A few days after the photo shoot, Steadman showed us the results from his work. I was surprised by how quickly we were able to see some results from the photo shoot. While I had viewed many of Steadman’s portraits in his online portfolios, I was not prepared for what I saw in the work he had done for us.

First, let me tell you that my daughter has ridden and competed with horses for many years. She rides Western, Rodeo and English styles of riding. I have been around horses all my life and worked with them professionally. I have many photos of my daughter and her horses taken by professional photographers. So I have a good idea of how she and the horses look when photographed by a typical professional photographer.

What did I see when I saw the photos Steadman made for us? I was completely surprised by Steadman’s portraits of our horses. While I had been present the entire time and had been just a few feet from the horse, I did not imagine the finished portraits would look as they did. My first impression when seeing the portraits was “WOW!”

Putting it simply, these are not your typical horse photos. Steadman’s vision for these horses made them look special.

I had earlier worried a bit that the winter coat furry look of our horses would not look good. When Steadman showed us the final portraits, I then saw how the natural winter coat looked wonderful in his photos. The textures of the hair and mane look so real and life-like it looks like our horse is standing right in front of you and you could reach into the picture to touch his hair. I had also worried some that the harsh sunlight of the day, and the drab leaf-less trees and surrounding land of the season would not look good for the photo session. I can tell you that the finished portrait and photos look amazing and the background of your barn or paddock is no reason to be concerned.

When I showed the photo of my daughter with her horse to my colleagues at work, other friends, and other horse people, they were all very impressed by the high quality and the expression of emotion shown in the photo.

We have all seen photos of girls holding their horse, but this was a photo that showed us all the joy she feels with that horse. This portrait of my daughter with her horse stands out from the hundreds of portraits I have seen of my daughter’s friends and other riders with their horses. It made me glad I took the step to hire Steadman.

Steadman works well with horses and sees the details of good horsemanship too. Steadman has an eye for details and for the beauty of the individual. His portraits of my daughter capture her spirit, her confidence, and her skill at handling a horse. When you see the large prints, you can see the details of good horsemanship that make a difference. He captured that in stunning photos that really must be seen large to be fully appreciated.

As Steadman is learning about horses and how to handle them, he worked well with the horses. As he captures them in action, he never used a flash. Because he never uses a flash, the horses are comfortable around the camera; it shows as a relaxed look in their eyes, in every portrait. His use of natural light in the barn and outside was amazing.

Steadman also surprised us with a unique work of art in another photo. He calls this image “Moonlight” as it shows our gelding by moonlight. His art photo of one of our horses really looks like a painting. Steadman showed us a very large print of this and it is hard to describe how impressive it appears when anyone sees the larger print. Steadman also spent the time and helped me consider the best ways to show it in our home, including choices of frames, lighting, location, and sizes that fit our home decor.

Over the many years I have shown, ridden, and been around horses, I have never seen an art photo like this. It is unique and beautiful. It IS a work of art. And it is OUR horse that is now art.

You might see a little version of this on Steadman’s website, but you must see a large print to get a real understanding of how impressive it is.

I recently went to the Nebraska Horse Expo and while there viewed over 100 photos of horses that had been entered in a photography contest. There was nothing there that was as impressive as Steadman’s photos. Even the photos entered and displayed by professional photographers looked ordinary in comparison.

Steadman also works well with kids. Steadman also created very special portrait photos of my two young grand daughters. He captured their personalities and the photos are really beautiful, funny, and touching. These portraits are also unlike any I have seen before. He created one while working with horses and a young girl, I didn’t think that would be easy. The other portrait was created while working with my youngest grand daughter who is two years old and full of energy. His suggestions for how to make these special portraits have given our family something priceless that crosses generations.

Steadman works well with mature women too. Like many middle-aged women, I was apprehensive about having a portrait photograph of me. Steadman worked with me and my concerns, helped me get the confidence to get in front of his camera, and made the experience fun. He also made me look 10 years younger too! All of this was done in a natural setting that reflects my life and my love of horses.

I recommend you take this opportunity to have Steadman make a portrait of you or your horse or someone in your family, regardless of their age. Based on my own experience, I am confident the results will pleasantly surprise you and be something you will consider a good decision and an excellent purchase. I believe you can trust Steadman to do as he promises and even that he will probably exceed your expectations.

Furthermore, if you have the means to serve as a Host for him within his Visiting Artist Program, I believe it is a fabulous opportunity for you or your family. His work speaks for itself, but I must tell you that there are things he makes that you will not see on his website. We saw them created and they are and now we understand the special experience of having art created for us by a true artist.

Steadman created portraits for a friend of mine too. I can also tell you that he has also created four portraits for a close friend of mine who is another client of his. I learned about Steadman after seeing her portraits. Those portraits are also wonderful as they capture the character of her children and husband.

—Pam B., Omaha, Nebraska (name withheld to protect privacy)

Here are some of the images made while Steadman was hosted by Pam B.:

What Impression will your portrait make?

The hundreds of Global Impressions comments seen via the colorful link blocks below are a reflection of what people see in the portraits, art photographs, and paintings made by Steadman Uhlich.

What matters is how people who did not know the people in the photos/portraits/art were moved and impressed by the photos of people and the photos of things and the paintings.
The most common comment heard uttered by literally thousands of SUFA Gallery visitors was simply: “WOW!”

If you are considering purchase of a fine art photo by Steadman, you might hear comments like this from people who admire that photo in your home or office.
If you are considering commissioning a portrait by Steadman, you might hear similar comments regarding your portrait.
Steadman: “I encourage you to read some of the Global Impressions comments so you can see how others see these extraordinary portraits.”

Want to see more examples?

There are 350+ examples of my other work on this website and in my online portfolios (links found elsewhere on this site).  As for equestrian portraits and art images, there are many beautiful and striking (and unique) images that will NOT be shown on the internet until my book on the subject is published.  On this page you will find just a few examples of a few of the styles I will be making this year as part of this project.
These small images represent just a few of the many and varied styles I have developed specifically for this art photography project.  Some of my many styles are “Classic” and “Timeless” and “Avant Garde.”
You should see these yourself as large prints and if we meet in person, I can show you numerous prints and large examples. They are truly beautiful and many are extraordinary and some truly unique.
They cause people to say “WOW!” 

Steadman’s Suggestion

“My suggestion to any prospective client: Spend a few minutes and read some of the Global Impressions comments to get an idea what people around the world see, feel, or sense about the character of the person in the picture when viewing these portraits. For example, there are numerous comments from around the world regarding one iconic portrait, “The Cowboy,” found on via the red link button below for the Global Impressions document about The Equestrians.  Take a minute and read what people around the world saw in that portrait image and others in this new series.
Many of my earlier fine art portraits and fine art photos in my other collections of art photography have been published in magazines (in feature articles about my art, and as covers) and even as the front cover image for a national art magazine (in which I was the subject of a feature article about my work/art).
Just be aware that MOST of my best images will NOT be seen on the internet (even in my online portfolios or on my own websites) as I reserve them to be published later in books or magazines or as art for sale.  Again, there are many beautiful images/photos/portraits I have already made as part of my Equestrian Project that are truly “stunning” and beautiful and have caused people to say “WOW!”  Yet,  they will NOT be seen on the internet or on my websites.

MOST of my most unusual and special (creative and different or unique) images and many of my personal favorites are not shown on my websites or on the internet (anywhere) until I have published them in a book or magazine or as art.

Those are reserved for private viewing during a consultation with my clients and prospective clients.  As an example, my website only shows about 6 small thumbnails of my flower images.  Yet there are 200+ striking and unique art images being prepared for a future book on the subject.  The same goes for my collections “Art of Cars” and “Art of The Ocean.”  Hundreds of beautiful and original images are in those collections too, yet only a handful of thumbnails are shown on the internet on my site.

In short, only a fraction of my best work is visible to the public via the internet.”

Here are just a few of the Global Impressions Comments to give you an idea of what people see:

“Beautiful, beautiful images of real people!  Thank you for reminding me that beauty exists in imperfections.”

“You have an eye for a woman’s sensuality, a man’s sensitivity, and a child’s innocence. Beautiful!”

“Your photographs embody beauty and character.  You take a face most would consider not beautiful and capture the beauty in it for all to see and appreciate.  Your work moves me.”

“Strength, grace, humor, intelligence and beauty. I feel as though each of the portraits in your portfolio somehow have aspects of these and that you have managed to get the subject to project their individual personality. The work as a whole illustrates some of the best human qualities there are.”
Gwen, London, UK 

“What strikes me is the expression, how each person has a unique personality. Your portraits give an impression from the soul rather than being a mirror image. Every person looks natural and him or herself, that shows to me that you really do the effort to get to know your subjects.” Philippe, Warsaw, Poland

“A very lovely feeling and a wonderful quality…that immediately jumps out to me as being straight to the heart.”
Frank, Emmeloord, The Netherlands

“You don’t communicate through your photos on a physical or even emotional level, but instead on a spiritual level.”
Daan, Utrecht, Netherlands

“I find your photography to be downright beautiful. The lighting, tones, and mood are both powerful and elegant at the same time.
Mark,Lilongwe, Malawi

“I am struck with the way your subjects speak to me. They all have a story to tell and you have captured it.”
Craig, Edmonton Alberta, Canada

“Beautiful! Like a symbol of peace!”
Mamansani, Niamey, Niger

“Mysterious and beautiful!”
Huixian, Taizhou, China

“This portrait shows a man with longevity and prosperity. He looks like a king.”
Mamansani, Niamey, Niger

“Great portrait. Looks like a classic statue in a museum. Wise and powerful.”
Hassan, Karachi Pakistan

“She is absorbed in colors.  Like a flower from heaven.”
Kamran, Lahore, Pakistan

“This portrait is truly inspiring. This lady looks as if she represents the whole of India. She is unknown to me, yet I feel as if I know her. I was left breathless.”
Sunil, Navsari, India

“I just love it directly when I saw it. I like the 3D feeling and it’s not just a picture, it lives.”
Denny, Sjöbo, Sweden

“This reminds me of my childhood. Inside a safe home looking out, nose pressed against the glass, big world outside. Full of possibilities and maybe a bit dangerous.”
Stale, Oslo, Norway

“These are some of the most beautiful portraits I have ever seen. Well done.”
Yakim, Rosh Ha-Ayin, Israel

“Your subjects seem to have an ‘aura’ of wisdom and balance. It’s like you have captured them in a moment of personal reflection and even meditation. This is also true for the portraits of the kids. I get the impression it is moe spiritual than physical. It is about the world that lies behind the eyes.”
Daan, Utrecht, Netherlands



Not convinced yet? Want another opinion?

There are many more testimonials you can read from Visitors to Steadman Uhlich’s Art Gallery (these are people who saw his work up close hanging in an art gallery at full size).

There are also comments and impressions from Global Visitors to his Studio website who left their impressions of his work. There you can see hundreds of comments from over 50 countries around the world. Here is a link to the Global Impressions of the Global Favorite 50 Portraits.

There are also Testimonials from Steadman’s Studio Clients who have actually hired him to produce artwork or portraits for them.

There are also Testimonials from 44 Photographers who have bought many thousands of dollars of photography equipment from him. If you have any doubts about buying anything from Steadman, you should read what they say about the accuracy of his descriptions of what he sold them and their high satisfaction with the entire transaction process.

Finally, make sure you click one of the colorful “Global Impressions” buttons shown above or in the right column of any page on this site.  Read those to see what people around the world have seen and said about the portraits in the various series Steadman has produced and continues to expand.


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