Art Gallery Visitor Comments

Art Gallery Visitor Comments about Steadman Uhlich’s Artworks

These are the actual written, unsolicited, and verbatim quotes from art gallery visitors seeing Steadman’s work (paintings and photography).

These are verbatim written quotes from the Steadman Uhlich Fine Art Gallery (a real “brick and mortar” retail art gallery) guest book.

All quotes are about Steadman’s work, as the entire gallery was devoted to Steadman’s photography and paintings.


What can comments from Art Gallery Visitors tell you?

Why do these comments matter?

“As an artist and portraitist, one of my goals is to create an image or art or photo or portrait that affects people in a positive manner.  I hope to make images or paintings that will not only grab attention or be eye catching, more importantly I hope to make something that will be enjoyed as “Art” and provide others enjoyment in seeing it.

When you read the following comments, realize that these comments were made by people I did not know, who were writing their comments down in a guest book. The comments you see below are only the ones that were written.  There were literally many thousands more that were very similar to those shown, but those were spoken by the visitors, and not written down by them in the guest book.  So, what you are seeing is just a representative sample of the kind of response the body of work received by art gallery visitors.

Why is a comment from a stranger important?

It means they felt strongly enough about what they saw to make the effort to communicate with others (other visitors) in writing (which fewer people do) what they saw or felt or experienced.

Frankly speaking, most photographs one sees, especially most portraits (whether paintings or photographs) and most paintings do not elicit such a response at all. So, the response these people had to these images was unusual, extraordinary and remarkable, when one considers how most photographs, most portraits, and most paintings do not affect people at all.

Some of these visitors were actually moved to tears!  (see below on this page)

That kind of emotional response, especially to a photograph of a person they don’t even know, is truly extraordinary!

In the art gallery setting, these people also had the opportunity to enjoy the photographs, canvases, or paintings as they should be displayed (i.e. not on the internet in low screen resolution).  They saw what is possible, they saw the true colors, they saw the details and full compositions, they saw the amazing 3-D illusions, and they were impressed by it all in some interesting ways.

What can this mean for you?

Now, imagine what might happen if I create something for you, whether it is a portrait or painting for your home or something like a fine art photograph or painting for your office.  Imagine for a moment what people might say to you or the impressions they may get when they visit your spaces and see one of these pieces or portraits.  My goal is to create something for you that will also get the admiring comments and ‘WOW’ impressions like you see below. My goal is to create some ‘WOW’ for you!”



“Very impressive. I would only expect to see this quality in New York or Chicago.”

“Your gallery reminds me of the better galleries in Carmel-by-the-Sea in California.”

“WOW!” (Note: This comment was heard from almost all gallery visitors.)

“Eye arresting work. Absolutely captivating”


“Better than the work I have seen in New York and Los Angeles.”

“I walked by the front window and said ‘My God!’ Beautiful!”

“Some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen.”

“Best work I have ever seen.”



“The most incredible photos I have ever seen…breathtaking”



“Unlike any art gallery I have ever seen.”

“I came in and forgot I was in Birmingham, perhaps Chicago or New York.”

“This place looks like a museum because the art is so beautiful.”

“I have yet to pass the gallery (walking by the front window display) without stopping in complete amazement…wonderful works.”

“I have seen no finer work.”

“There is no one else who does what Steadman Uhlich does. Superb photography of adults, children, flowers, seashells, paintings…Exciting, matchless, something to love and be proud of.”

“It’s not that all the subjects are Hollywood gorgeous. Steadman is somehow able to capture the beauty of each person he photographs—the inner beauty and the results are arresting, dramatic, and beautiful.”

“I always thought I would have a painted portrait of my children done but I love your photos so much and the expressions you capture that I’ve now changed my mind.”

“What a wonderful surprise to find your gallery and incredible art.”

“Absolutely beautiful work. Exceptional.”

“This is too good to be local or regional.”

“I am absolutely astounded! This depicts such a high degree of art and craft, and a sensitivity for the subject not often seen.”


“Beautiful works.”

“I feel like I have entered another world.”

“I have never seen anything like this before. Wonderful.”

“It’s amazing.”

“I actually pulled my car over to get a better look at the art in the window. I am so glad I came inside. Wonderful gallery.”


“Thank you for reminding me that beauty exists in imperfections.”

“Great stuff.”

“Truly awesome.”

“Your photographs embody beauty and character. You take a face most would consider not beautiful and capture the beauty in it for all to see and appreciate. Your work moves me.”

“Absolutely beautiful. Very mystical.”

“A very beautiful gallery.”

“What a joy today! Your art is exceptional.”

“Best work I have ever seen.”

“The work is stunning in its use of color! The detail in each work is breathtaking!

“Fascinating and beautiful!”


“Stylized truth; quite beautiful”

“Beautiful, creative”


“Exciting, matchless”

“A wonderful innovative talent. Your works really are impressive and attention grabbing.”

“Steadman has an eye for a woman’s sensuality, a man’s sensitivity, and a child’s innocence. Beautiful!”

“A super cultural lift of my spirit.”

“I am so glad I stopped by your gallery. I am amazed by the originality of the work. It is so unique and you have something for everyone to enjoy…gorgeous…truly amazing.”

“The people on canvas are remarkable creations that make the canvas come to life. Gorgeous!”

“Your work is simply breathtaking.”

“What a beautiful and inspiring visit. Your work is extraordinary. I have never seen an artist who drew out the inner aspects of his subjects so well.”

“Steadman is somehow able to capture the beauty of each person he photographs. The results are arresting, dramatic and beautiful.”

“This is photography that speaks to your soul! Each photograph makes me want to know the story behind it. Beautiful works of art!”

“Life transforming.”

“Very moving”

“WOW! The portraits are spectacular”

Work is wonderful. The portraits tell a story about the subjects. Beautiful!

You have an amazing ability to capture true emotion. It is breathtaking.

“Your work is magnificent.”

“This is amazing! Beautiful! Interesting! Enjoyable!”



“Beaucoup d’originalite! Merci beaucoup pour tant de beaute”

“Beautiful art.”

“I can’t pick my favorite because they are all so beautiful.”

“Beautiful artwork and experience.”

“The quality of your work is outstanding.”

“This gallery is like a fine art salon in 19th century Europe.”


“Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.” (This was written by one visitor.)

“Captivating and unique.”

“Very impressive. I love your gallery.”

“Your gallery is filled with beautiful art.”

“Your work is magnificent. Very refreshing.”

“Wonderful work. No pretensions, so pristine.”

“The photos are stunning and have taken my breath away.”


“Best I have ever seen.”



“It is amazing how you can capture people’s soul. Your work is priceless.”

“Gorgeous work. We are so impressed!”

“The work is beautiful. The individual portraits…amazing.”

“The originality, color and striking photographs just amaze me.”






“You really capture the soul and spirit of the people in your portraits.”

“What you do is not photography. It is art and it is great. Love it”

“His work is fabulous! He makes you want to meet the people in the photographs.”


“Great! Moving!”


“I’ve never seen such beautiful work.”

“Amazing…It is breathtaking.”

“Words cannot express my fascination.”


“Wonderful work.”





“Artwork is wonderful!”


“Your photographs embody beauty and character.”

“Beautiful work. Very special. Exquisite.”


“The next best thing to visiting the Louvre.”

“Very impressive…enjoyed very much.”

“This is art like I have never seen before.”

“What a great experience! Beautiful…amazing.”

“This is wonderful.”

“Beautiful…great show…great.”

“Very spiritual and healing.”

“Your passion is fantastic.”

“Very interesting.”

“Just beautiful.”


“This show (of just Steadman Uhlich’s multi-media works) appears to be a collection of 5 unique artists showing collectively. I loved them all.”

“Just coming by is a visual and spiritual treat!”

“Great art.”

“What a nice discovery.”

“An asset to our community.”

“We are so lucky to have you back in Alabama.”

“Such an asset for Birmingham.”


Please Remember:

There were thousands of similar spoken statements that were not captured in writing.

These quotes above were unsolicited and hand written by the visitors to Steadman’s art gallery.


Steadman Suggests: Read the Global Impressions Comments!

“If you found the Art Gallery Visitors Comments interesting, I believe you will find even more interesting and even deeper comments if you take a few minutes to read some of the Global Impressions Comments found via the links below.  There are Global Impressions Comments focused on a few of my portrait series.  You can read what people from around the world see and felt when they viewed just a small set of portraits from three different series:  The Elders Series, The Pianist Series, and The Equestrian Series (only three portraits were shown from the Equestrians Series when those comments were received).

Why are the Global Impressions Comments important?

I consider the Global Impressions Comments interesting and important because the comments come from around the world.  The people who wrote them have a different perspective on these portraits, because they may come from a different culture than the person in the photo.  Also, many of the people who wrote these comments are either serious amateur photographers or even highly skilled professional photographers themselves.  The portraits that were shown somehow affected the viewers enough that they wrote some comments.  If you take the time to read those comments, I believe you will find comments that show great depth of appreciation for the portraits I made.

You will see that a portrait can make a very strong or profound impression on someone. 

What is so special about that?

The Global Impressions Comments show that a portrait of a person can strongly and even positively affect people, even strangers. It also shows that a portrait photograph can be seen as “Art.”  It also shows that a portrait of an “ordinary person” can become “extraordinary” and even move people emotionally. Remember, the next portrait I make could be one of you or someone in your family. My goal would be to create a portrait for you, that would elicit similar strong and positive impressions.

My goal as a portraitist and artist is to create a portrait that captures more than just the physical appearance of someone.”



Extraordinary Portraits Can Affect People Emotionally

“I consider my greatest achievement as an artist is the unexpected deep emotional response that sometimes occurs when people view some of the portraits I have created. Some of these portraits have a rare ability to touch the viewer’s emotions.

Sixteen people have literally been brought to tears while viewing my photographs of people they do not know.

Two of these people wrote that this happened while viewing my works over the internet!

Countless others who do know the people in the photos were also moved to tears. But it is those viewers that have no connection at all by family or friend to the person in the portrait image that I find most extraordinary and remarkable.

This is the Greatest Satisfaction I know as an artist.

I never expected this to happen. Of course I would be pleased if my clients liked their portraits, or those portraits of members of their family. Countless times, I have received notes and calls and have been told how family members (husbands, mothers, fathers, grandparents) were moved to tears by a portrait I made of someone in their family. I thought that was wonderful.

But something else happened too.

Sixteen total strangers were moved to tears by some of my portraits of people they do not know.

It was not as frequent as seeing family members of my clients or clients themselves cry, it was certainly rare, and it was not expected.

Yet it happened 16 times!

Fourteen times I saw with my own eyes, and two additional times men wrote me to tell me this.

I truly saw it happen 14 times with my own eyes and the response came from both women and men.

Yes, men cried too!

It was when people who viewed a portrait I made were brought to tears by that portrait, yet they do not know the person in the portrait.

Bear in mind, these were not portraits of war victims, drought victims, or people in pain or suffering. The subjects or people in the photos were not destitute, homeless, hungry, malnourished, or disfigured. They were portraits of ordinary people, who were not celebrities, not famous, and not even known to the viewer!

When that happened, it changed my life in a profound way.

It gave me an idea or inspiration to follow a different path in my life and completely changed how I see photography and how I will use it in the future.

What caused those people to cry?

It is an extraordinary response to the face of a person they don’t know by prior meeting, but somehow know in their heart.

When I witnessed this response, I was watching the tears stream down their faces, and listening to what the viewers revealed to me.

Some told me things about what caused this response. Sometimes we just shared those emotions in silence, as they were so strong that it was truly a moment where the viewer was speechless. It always touches me deeply too, even to the point where tears filled my own eyes as I witnessed this emotion connection the viewer had with my work.

These have been some of the most unforgettable moments in my life as an artist. They transcend anything material or business related.

As an artist, it gave me the greatest satisfaction to know that my art has reached someone deeply, and to witness that with my own eyes was an unexpected moment of enlightenment. “






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