Art Patron Program

Summary: Steadman introduces his Art Patron and Art Collector Programs.

The Art Patron Program is outlined below.

The Art Collector Program is on a separate page.

Are you an Art Patron or an Art Collector?

If you have ever thought of yourself as a “Patron of the Arts,” or an “Art Collector,” here is a chance to prove it. Become one of my Art Patrons or Art Collectors. I am very confident you will enjoy the experience and consider it a very smart decision over time. It can also be fun and satisfying and enriching in ways you might not expect.

Is there a difference between an Art Patron and an Art Collector?

Yes! From my perspective there is a very significant difference. However a single individual can be both. What is the difference between the two categories? Here is a brief outline:

Art Patron

This individual provides financial support in the form of a financial gift or other types of support (e.g travel, lodging, access, facilities, promotion) to an artist. The key distinction is that the Patron supports the artist by supporting the creation of new art. This may or may not come with specific instructions on how this money is to be used (e.g. for the creation of new paintings, travel, exhibitions, etc..). The Patron may or may not have specific desires for art to be created for them (e.g they may want an artwork dedicated to them or they may want a part of a series to add to their own art collection). The Patron may or may not even want any art pieces at all. The Patron receives benefits from the artist. These are better discussed through a personal (face to face) meeting with Steadman Uhlich or a phone call if you are some distance. Some Patrons also participate in the Steadman Uhlich Visiting Artist Program too. That is described more fully on a special page on this site.

The Steadman Uhlich Visiting Artist Program is a very easy way for many people to participate in the support of a working artist and for them to receive generous benefits in return.

Art Collector

This individual buys multiple pieces of artwork that have already been created by the artist. This can be very specific (the collector picks the individual pieces) or it can be the choice of the artist. The collector gets greater value and benefits than they would if they only selected one piece or if they bought pieces over a long period. Please note that there is more information below focused on the Art Collector Program, so please continue reading this page.

In short, the difference between the two is that the Art Patron supports the creation of NEW artwork while the Art Collector purchases work that has already been created.

Please note that there is a separate page focused on the Art Collector Program, so please continue reading and click the link to go to that special page.

What are the benefits?

The benefits to both levels in the Steadman Uhlich Patron & Collector Program are substantial. The Art Patron Program is something you will find extremely valuable as time goes on. I guarantee it! The Earlier and Longer you are one of my Art Patrons, the greater your rewards. My Art Patrons get very significant added value for their support of my work. If you would like to learn more about becoming one of my Art Patrons or Art Collectors, please give me a phone call so we can meet in person to discuss this. I am sure you will find the opportunity stimulating and rewarding.


Steadman Uhlich Art Patron Program

If you have ever thought of yourself as a “Patron of the Arts,” here is a chance to prove it. Become one of my Art Patrons.

The benefits are substantial. The Art Patron Program is something you will find extremely valuable as time goes on. I guarantee it! The Earlier and Longer you are a member, the greater your rewards. My Art Patrons get very significant added value for their support of my work.

Many years ago artists created their best work for their Patrons. I do the same today for my Patrons.

Today, professional artists are often creating works aimed at a Retail Art Galleries and a “commercial” or “retail” market. In my opinion, this ‘dilutes’ the ‘Art.’ It means the artist is creating things that are meant to be ‘sellable’ (by the judgement of a very few retail art gallery owners). This truly prevents the artist from pursuing many creative ideas that do not have a perceived retail market. This is a mostly ‘modern’ phenomenon. Many years ago, artists created either for their own pleasure, for “The Church,” or for some wealthy “Patron.” Of the three, the Patron served a very special role in financially supporting the artist (to some limits) and gave the artist freedom to be creative. Today, most “Art Patrons” look no further than a tax deduction possibility for their local museum or symphony. There is another possibility enjoyed by a few enlightened individuals.

Here is your chance to become a true Patron of an individual artist. This special program is available to a select few who value the creativity of the artist (that’s me) and want to have an exclusive and rewarding relationship with the artist. These Patrons are supporting creating things at the highest level. My Patrons always get “more, better, bigger, exclusive, and The Best” of my work. This works to benefit us both. My Art Patron Program is very flexible and your participation is ‘custom tailored’ to your interests (e.g. Paintings, Photography, Portraits). Each of my Patrons is recognized and receives significant value beyond their financial contribution.

If you would like to learn more about becoming one of my Art Patrons, please give me a phone call so we can meet in person to discuss this. I am sure you will find the opportunity stimulating and rewarding. There is no Tax Deduction for this Patronage. Instead, you may gain a very special place in Art History as well as “more, better, bigger, and The Best.”

Steadman’s Visiting Artist Program for Patrons and Collectors

Here is an example of ONE way some of my Patrons and Collectors have participated in my unique and creative Patrons Program. I want to describe this for you in a way that will answer your questions, so it takes a special page to do that, The Steadman Uhlich Visiting Artist Program 2011. Please follow this link to learn more about how you could receive generous and unusual benefit from this very easily and perhaps at little or even no cost to you. It costs you nothing to spend a minute learning how this works, yet what you may get from it is something that most people say is “priceless.”

Please Note!

This above is Part 1 of a two-page article. Please read the page that is focused on Art Collectors and the special benefits available to them through the unique Steadman Uhlich Art Collector Program.


Art Patron Testimonial Letter

Third Example of Visiting Artist Program Results for a Host Family

Verbatim Testimonial Letter. The writer was also a Host in Steadman’s Visiting Artist Program.

To Whom it May Concern,

I have known Steadman Uhlich since I first walked into his Art Gallery in 2006. I became one of his Patrons after that. Since then he has made a number of portraits of me and members of our family. The portraits of my children, and the ones of my wife and myself are the best we have ever seen.

I also had Steadman stay with my family at our home while we served as Hosts in his Visiting Artist Program in Fall 2010. At the time he was preparing for his 2011 travels out West.

It was a joy to have him in our home for several months.

In short, I trust him. I have found him to be at all times a completely honest person who thinks of others with compassion. He also has a god-given talent to create something beautiful or distinctive for his portrait clients.

He’s a lot of fun to be around, we miss him! I highly recommend the Visiting Artist Program with Steadman Uhlich!

Over the weeks he stayed with us, I have seen and talked with Steadman for many hours, spent time getting to know him and his art and enjoyed our time together. We shared meals, stories, and deep beliefs. He is a man of good character, honest, and trustworthy.

As a guest at our home for several weeks, Steadman was good with my five kids, offered to tutor them in art and geography, and he even befriended our dog and walked him and fed him and the cat while we were traveling. He also got along well with my brother, in-laws and my father too. He was a quiet house guest as he was always working on his computer projects and writing his book and editing his websites.

Since I am interested in photography, Steadman was good enough to give me private lessons on lighting, exposure, composition, use of the camera and techniques. He even helped me create some very special photos I made as gift for our 20th Wedding Anniversary. He helped me by explaining very technical things in laymen’s terms and by demonstrating what could be done. He also encouraged me to take the pictures to learn by doing with his guidance. He really helped me gain confidence in making photos using ambient or natural light and making portraits of my family too. My wife and I have 5 children and we take a lot of photos.

I love photography and I was able to learn much more with Steadman’s help than I would ever learn on my own! The tips and tricks that I learned about photography will stay with me for the rest of my life. In addition, he took pictures of my family, that I am just not able to capture, that are truly a treasure!

When it came time for me to purchase some new camera equipment, Steadman helped me select the camera gear and get a very good selection of equipment and at a very good price too.

Steadman also visited my business and assisted me in photographing my staff for our website photos. He showed me simple ways to use ambient light and how to create fun and expressive photos of my staff that serve our business well.

When Steadman left our home to begin his travels, he left behind gifts for all of us, including very special photographs of my family members, and a strong friendship. We keep in touch and enjoy seeing his photos as he travels. He is a friend.

I encourage others to participate in his Visiting Artist Program as you will be surprised what he can do for you too. I have complete confidence he will make beautiful and priceless things for you too.

I have seen hundreds of his photographs and portraits in his art gallery and in his portfolios. Each one is unique and so many of them cause us to say “WOW” and be amazed by the image. His portraits of our children have a special place in our home and always fascinate our visitors because they are so different and yet they each capture something of the personalities of our children too. Highly recommended!

—Dr. B. B., Birmingham, Alabama (name withheld to protect privacy)


What Impression will your portrait make?

The hundreds of Global Impressions comments seen via the colorful link blocks below are a reflection of what people see in the portraits, art photographs, and paintings made by Steadman Uhlich.

What matters is how people who did not know the people in the photos/portraits/art were moved and impressed by the photos of people and the photos of things and the paintings.
The most common comment heard uttered by literally thousands of SUFA Gallery visitors was simply: “WOW!”

If you are considering purchase of a fine art photo by Steadman, you might hear comments like this from people who admire that photo in your home or office.
If you are considering commissioning a portrait by Steadman, you might hear similar comments regarding your portrait.
Steadman: “I encourage you to read some of the Global Impressions comments so you can see how others see these extraordinary portraits.”

Want to see more examples?

There are 350+ examples of my other work on this website and in my online portfolios (links found elsewhere on this site). As for equestrian portraits and art images, there are many beautiful and striking (and unique) images that will NOT be shown on the internet until my book on the subject is published. On this page you will find just a few examples of a few of the styles I will be making this year as part of this project.
These small images represent just a few of the many and varied styles I have developed specifically for this art photography project. Some of my many styles are “Classic” and “Timeless” and “Avant Garde.”
You should see these yourself as large prints and if we meet in person, I can show you numerous prints and large examples. They are truly beautiful and many are extraordinary and some truly unique.

They cause people to say “WOW!”

Steadman’s Suggestion

“My suggestion to any prospective client: Spend a few minutes and read some of the Global Impressions comments to get an idea what people around the world see, feel, or sense about the character of the person in the picture when viewing these portraits. For example, there are numerous comments from around the world regarding one iconic portrait, “The Cowboy,” found on via the red link button below for the Global Impressions document about The Equestrians. Take a minute and read what people around the world saw in that portrait image and others in this new series.

Many of my earlier fine art portraits and fine art photos in my other collections of art photography have been published in magazines (in feature articles about my art, and as covers) and even as the front cover image for a national art magazine (in which I was the subject of a feature article about my work/art).

Just be aware that MOST of my best images will NOT be seen on the internet (even in my online portfolios or on my own websites) as I reserve them to be published later in books or magazines or as art for sale. Again, there are many beautiful images/photos/portraits I have already made as part of my Equestrian Project that are truly “stunning” and beautiful and have caused people to say “WOW!” Yet, they will NOT be seen on the internet or on my websites.

MOST of my most unusual and special (creative and different or unique) images and many of my personal favorites are not shown on my websites or on the internet (anywhere) until I have published them in a book or magazine or as art.

Those are reserved for private viewing during a consultation with my clients and prospective clients. As an example, my website only shows about 6 small thumbnails of my flower images. Yet there are 200+ striking and unique art images being prepared for a future book on the subject. The same goes for my collections “Art of Cars” and “Art of The Ocean.” Hundreds of beautiful and original images are in those collections too, yet only a handful of thumbnails are shown on the internet on my site.

In short, only a fraction of my best work is visible to the public via the internet.”


Comments about Steadman Uhlich’s Artworks

These are the actual written, unsolicited, and verbatim quotes from art gallery visitors seeing Steadman’s work.

These are verbatim quotes from the Steadman Uhlich Fine Art Gallery (a real “brick and mortar” retail art gallery) guest book.

All quotes are about Steadman’s work as the entire gallery was devoted to Steadman’s photography and paintings.


“Very impressive. I would only expect to see this quality in New York or Chicago.”

“Your gallery reminds me of the better galleries in Carmel-by-the-Sea in California.”

“WOW!” (Note: This comment was heard from almost all gallery visitors.)

“Eye arresting work. Absolutely captivating”


“Better than the work I have seen in New York and Los Angeles.”

“I walked by the front window and said ‘My God!’ Beautiful!”

“Some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen.”

“Best work I have ever seen.”



“The most incredible photos I have ever seen…breathtaking”



“Unlike any art gallery I have ever seen.”

“I came in and forgot I was in Birmingham, perhaps Chicago or New York.”

“This place looks like a museum because the art is so beautiful.”

“I have yet to pass the gallery (walking by the front window display) without stopping in complete amazement…wonderful works.”

“I have seen no finer work.”

“There is no one else who does what Steadman Uhlich does. Surperb photography of adults, children, flowers, seashells, paintings…Exciting, matchless, something to love and be proud of.”

“It’s not that all the subjects are Hollywood gorgeous. Steadman is somehow able to capture the beauty of each person he photographs—the inner beauty and the results are arresting, dramatic, and beautiful.”

“I always thought I would have a painted portrait of my children done but I love your photos so much and the expressions you capture that I’ve now changed my mind.”

“What a wonderful surprise to find your gallery and incredible art.”

“Absolutely beautiful work. Exceptional.”

“This is too good to be local or regional.”

“I am absolutely astounded! This depicts such a high degree of art and craft, and a sensitivity for the subject not often seen.”

“What a nice discovery.”

“We are so lucky to have you back in Alabama.”

“Such an asset for Birmingham.”


“Beautiful works.”

“I feel like I have entered another world.”

“I have never seen anything like this before. Wonderful.”

“Absolutely beautiful work. Exceptional.”

“It’s amazing.”

“I actually pulled my car over to get a better look at the art in the window. I am so glad I came inside. Wonderful gallery.”


“Thank you for reminding me that beauty exists in imperfections.”

“Great stuff.”

“Truly awesome.”

“Your photographs embody beauty and character. You take a face most would consider not beautiful and capture the beauty in it for all to see and appreciate. Your work moves me.”

“Absolutely beautiful. Very mystical.”

“A very beautiful gallery.”

“What a joy today! Your art is exceptional.”

“Best work I have ever seen.”

“The work is stunning in its use of color! The detail in each work is breathtaking!”

“Fascinating and beautiful!”


“Stylized truth; quite beautiful”

“Beautiful, creative”


“Exciting, matchless”

“A wonderful innovative talent. Your works really are impressive and attention grabbing.”

“Steadman has an eye for a woman’s sensuality, a man’s sensitivity, and a child’s innocence. Beautiful!”

“A super cultural lift of my spirit.”

“I am so glad I stopped by your gallery. I am amazed by the originality of the work. It is so unique and you have something for everyone to enjoy…gorgeous…truly amazing.”

“The people on canvas are remarkable creations that make the canvas come to life. Gorgeous!”

“Your work is simply breathtaking.”

“What a beautiful and inspiring visit. Your work is extraordinary. I have never seen an artist who drew out the inner aspects of his subjects so well.”

“Steadman is somehow able to capture the beauty of each person he photographs. The results are arresting, dramatic and beautiful.”

“This is photography that speaks to your soul! Each photograph makes me want to know the story behind it. Beautiful works of art!”

“Thank you for reminding me that beauty exists in imperfections.”

“Life transforming.”

“Very moving”

“WOW! The portraits are spectacular”

Work is wonderful. The portraits tell a story about the subjects. Beautiful!

You have an amazing ability to capture true emotion. It is breathtaking.

“Your work is magnificent.”

“This is amazing! Beautiful! Interesting! Enjoyable!”



“Beaucoup d’originalite! Merci beaucoup pour tant de beaute”

“Beautiful art.”

“I can’t pick my favorite because they are all so beautiful.”

“Beautiful artwork and experience.”

“The quality of your work is outstanding.”

“This gallery is like a fine art salon in 19th century Europe.”


“Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.” (This was written by one visitor.)

“Captivating and unique.”

“Very impressive. I love your gallery.”

“Your gallery is filled with beautiful art.”

“Your work is magnificent. Very refreshing.”

“Wonderful work. No pretensions, so pristine.”

“The photos are stunning and have taken my breath away.”


“I walked by the front window and said ‘My God!’ Beautiful!”

“Best I have ever seen.”



“It is amazing how you can capture people’s soul. Your work is priceless.”

“An asset to our community.”

“Gorgeous work. We are so impressed!”

“The work is beautiful. The individual portraits…amazing.”

“The originality, color and striking photographs just amaze me.”






“You really capture the soul and spirit of the people in your portraits.”

“What you do is not photography. It is art and it is great. Love it””

“His work is fabulous! He makes you want to meet the people in the photographs.”


“Great! Moving!”


“I’ve never seen such beautiful work.”

“Amazing…It is breathtaking.”

“Words cannot express my fascination.”


“Wonderful work.”





“Artwork is wonderful!”


“Your photographs embody beauty and character.”

“Beautiful work. Very special. Exquisite.”


“The next best thing to visiting the Louvre.”

“Very impressive…enjoyed very much.”

“This is art like I have never seen before.”

“What a great experience! Beautiful…amazing.”

“This is wonderful.”

“Beautiful…great show…great.”

“Very spiritual and healing.”

“Your passion is fantastic.”

“Very interesting.”

“Just beautiful.”


“This show (of just Steadman Uhlich’s multi-media works) appears to be a collection of 5 unique artists showing collectively. I loved them all.”

“Just coming by is a visual and spiritual treat!”

“Great art.”


There were thousands of similar spoken statements that were not captured in writing.

These quotes above were unsolicited and hand written by the visitors to Steadman’s art gallery.


Extraordinary Portraits Can Affect People Emotionally

I consider my greatest achievement as an artist is the unexpected deep emotional response that sometimes occurs when people view some of the portraits I have created. Some of these portraits have a rare ability to touch the viewer’s emotions.

Sixteen people have literally been brought to tears while viewing photographs of people they do not know.

Two of these, wrote that this happened while viewing my works over the internet. Countless others who do know the people in the photos were also moved to tears. But it is those viewers that have no connection at all by family or friend to the person in the portrait image that I find most memorable and remarkable.

“The Greatest Satisfaction I Know as an Artist”

I never expected this to happen. Of course I would be pleased if my clients liked their portraits, or those portraits of members of their family. Countless times, I have received notes and calls and have been told how family members (husbands, mothers, fathers, grandparents) were moved to tears by a portrait I made of someone in their family. I thought that was wonderful.

But something else happened too.

Sixteen total strangers were moved to tears by some of my portraits of people they do not know.

It was not as frequent as seeing family members of my clients or clients themselves cry, it was certainly rare, and it was not expected.

Yet it happened 16 times!

Fourteen times I saw with my own eyes, and two additional times men wrote me to tell me this.

I truly saw it happen 14 times with my own eyes and the response came from both women and men.

Yes, men cried too!

It was when people who viewed a portrait I made were brought to tears by that portrait, yet they do not know the person in the portrait.

Bear in mind, these were not portraits of war victims, drought victims, or people in pain or suffering. They were not destitute, hungry, malnourished, or disfigured. They were portraits of ordinary people, not celebrities, not famous, not even known to the viewer.

When that happened, it changed my life in a profound way.

It gave me an idea or inspiration to follow a different path in my life and completely changed how I see photography and how I will use it in the future.

What caused those people to cry?

It is an extraordinary response to the face of a person they don’t know by prior meeting, but somehow know in their heart.

When I witnessed this response, I was watching the tears stream down their faces, and listening to what the viewers revealed to me.

Some told me things about what caused this response. Sometimes we just shared those emotions in silence, as they were so strong that it was truly a moment where the viewer was speechless. It always touches me deeply too, even to the point where tears filled my own eyes as I witnessed this emotion connection the viewer had with my work.

These have been some of the most unforgettable moments in my life as an artist. They transcend anything material or business related.

As an artist, it gave me the greatest satisfaction to know that my art has reached someone deeply, and to witness that with my own eyes was an unexpected moment of enlightenment. “




Testimonials & Comments from a Wide Range of Very Satisfied People

These are just a few of the many Testimonials about Steadman Uhlich’s help to others through advice and consulting and objective comments about his photography and art. There were countless more not shown here.

Art Gallery Visitors

There are 140 Verbatim Testimonial Quotes you can read from Art Gallery Visitors who saw Steadman’s Art and Photography in an Art Gallery. These quotes are from people who saw his work up close while it was hanging in an art gallery at full size, often at “Life Size.” While you are able to view hundreds of photographs on this website or in Steadman’s online portfolios, you are only able to see these are low resolution and small sized images. The real photos Steadman makes are generally much larger than what you are seeing online. In some cases these photos are up to 5 feet tall! Others have been 10 feet wide! Even his portraits are generally life-size and so most are seen larger than you can see on your laptop or computer. In addition, the high resolution prints are amazing for the amount of details seen, the sharpness of details, the textures, and some even have amazing optical illusions that astounded art gallery visitors. So, if you will read some of these Art Gallery Visitor comments, you should get an idea of how someone may respond if you display a portrait or fine art photograph that Steadman has made for you, whether it is in your home or office. It is highly recommended that you read over these comments, because these people have actually seen his work at the sizes he recommends and displayed as he suggests.

Global Visitors and Global Viewers of Steadman’s Art and Photography

There are also verbatim comments and impressions from Global Visitors to his Studio website or others who have seen his work via the internet and who left their impressions of his work. There you can see literally hundreds of comments from viewers who were impressed, moved, and “stunned” from over 50 countries around the world. To read those comments, go to Steadman’s Old Studio Site and look at the comments beside the photos on each of the first 50 pages of that site. Those portraits have been called The Global 50 Favorites, but they were made and called that prior to Steadman’s trip across America.

Global General Impressions of Steadman’s Portrait Work

The following link is to a page which shows just some (31) of the many comments (hundreds) that Steadman’s portrait photography has received from viewers around the world. Many of these verbatim comments are from experienced photographers, many of which are professional photographers themselves. These comments are just the “general impression” type and are only about Steadman’s portrait photography, which is only one element from his larger body of work as a photographer and artist (painter). Global General Impressions of Steadman’s Portrait Photography

Steadman’s Portrait Clients and Patrons

There are also testimonials from Steadman’s Studio Clients who have actually hired him to produce artwork or portraits for them. To read those comments, simply click Testimonials About Steadman Uhlich: Client Comments.

Art Patrons and Hosts (Hosts in Steadman’s Visiting Artist Program)

You can also read full length Verbatim Testimonial Letters from Patrons and Hosts who hosted Steadman while he is traveling in 2011, 2012, and 2013 as part of his unique Visiting Artist Program. Those letters also give insight into not Steadman’s ability to create beautiful portraits or art for clients. They also give you verbatim comments on his character and trustworthiness. In many cases, Steadman was a guest of these hosts for several weeks (up to 4 months) and so the clients or hosts got to spend many hours with him. They saw him in many hours of social interactions, working with members of their own family, working with others in public, and as a professional artist focused on his subjects. They also got to know him from many hours spent together eating meals, traveling, visiting, and sharing stories.

Steadman’s Former Partners and CEO Level Contacts (Management Consulting Career)

Prior to beginning his career as a professional artist and fine art photographer, Steadman was for years a very successful and truly unique high-level management consultant working for two of the largest Big Six global consulting firms. His contact level was the Chairman, CEO, and other “C Level” contacts of some of the largest global corporations. He worked as a unique “Partner in Charge” of an innovative program for the largest firm. The following link will take you to a page where you can see 60 Verbatim Testimonial Comments from many of his partners (whom he helped) and some of his CEO contacts. 60 Testimonial Quotes by Former Partners and CEOs Regarding Results, Professionalism, Creativity, Consulting Skills, and Experience

Photographers Steadman has Mentored

There are additional testimonial letters from photographers around the world that Steadman has mentored. To view a few of these, visit Steadman’s PhotoMentors site that is focused on teaching and educating people about fine photography. There is a Testimonials category there with many verbatim testimonial quotes about Steadman and several verbatim letters from photographers he has mentored or helped. Steadman has had remarkable success in helping photographers (both new and experienced) learn how to see their photos in a new way and how to improve their own work to reach their own goals. He gives very practical advice in the form of his Simple Suggestions that any photographer can follow. And his style of communicating with and advising people on both abstract and technical topics has won praise from the people he mentors.

200+ Photographers Steadman Helped

There are 200+ Verbatim Testimonial Comments from Photographers Steadman Helped. These verbatim comments were unsolicited and publicly published by the writers on a highly regarded internet photography forum where Steadman helped photographers from around the world (amateur and professionals) improve their photography. Many of these comments were in an unusual, unsolicited, “Tribute to Steadman” (prompted by someone else) that thanked him for his service and helpfulness to the global online photography community.

44 Photographers Who Bought from Steadman

There are even testimonials from other photographers who have bought from Steadman in the past: Testimonials from 44 Photographers who bought from Steadman. There are Verbatim Testimonials from 44 photographers who have bought many thousands of dollars of photography equipment from him, online. If you have any doubts about buying anything from Steadman, you should read what they say about the accuracy of his descriptions of what he sold them and their high satisfaction with the entire transaction process.


Links to Various Verbatim Testimonial Quotes

Testimonial Quotes by 200+ Photographers Around the World Regarding Steadman’s Helpfulness, Service, and Creative and Critical Eye

140 Quotes by Art Gallery Visitors Seeing Steadman’s Work Lifesize and in an Art Gallery

Quotes by Global Visitors Regarding Just ONE Portrait Project for Just ONE Person: The Pianist

Quotes by Global Visitors Regarding Steadman’s Portraits of Elders

Quotes by Global Visitors Regarding Three of Steadman’s Equestrians Portraits

Testimonial Quotes by Photographers Steadman has Mentored

60 Testimonial Quotes by Former Partners and CEOs Regarding Results, Professionalism, Creativity, Consulting Skills, and Experience

Testimonial Quotes About Steadman Uhlich: 44 Photographers who Bought from Steadman

Testimonial Letters from Patrons and Hosts who Participated in Steadman’s Visiting Artist Program




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