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Please Note Current Phone Number Above!

Over the last 12 years I have had several phone numbers due to moving from one location to another for my work.  As of March 2012, the  phone number you should use to contact me is shown above on the red Contact box.   The number you should use is my permanent number which has the area code 646.  The older photos (with older phone numbers) are shown on this site for convenience (to see the photos), but there are hundreds and too many to re-edit to show the current studio number. I am sorry if this inconveniences you in any way. You may also try contacting me at my area code 205 number, but first use the 646 number.


I am a full-time professional Photographer (Fine Art Portraits), Painter (portraits, abstracts, realism), consultant, and a former Art Gallery owner.  I try to learn something new about photography and art every day and share what I know with others. You can learn more about me at: or at

I can also be reached via my Facebook profile by searching for  “Steadman Uhlich”  If you enjoyed seeing any of the photos here on this site, I hope you will tell your friends (e.g. you could “Like” via Facebook buttons  here or use any of the social bookmarking buttons), and I hope you will take a moment to add your own Global Impression Comment on any of the photos posted on this site or down below in the contact form.


My Credo for photography: “Enjoy your photography and it will bring joy to others.”

I also believe: Help others whenever you can. It makes for a much nicer world.

If you want to learn from some of my many FREE lessons about photography or if you like to see classic B&W photos or like to learn about the history of photography, visit my FREE educational site, It is focused on teaching photographers how to make better photos. It has 1,500+ inspirational images, inspiring free videos about photography, and hundreds of pages of FREE lessons and tips.  In 2012, my PhotoMentors site should have about 5,000+ inspirational photos on it for your enjoyment and study.

I enjoy connecting with people around the world.

To make that easy, I encourage you to make voice contact via a FREE Introduction Call using a free Skype-to-Skype call or your own phone. You can find the and phone number on the PhotoMentors site or use one of the Skype buttons on this site in the upper right column. The hours are there too, but if you see me online (check the Skype Online Status box in the upper right corner of any page on this site)  you will probably catch me online via Skype too. Give me a call and say hello! I have enjoyed speaking with photographers and others around the world.

If you prefer to write instead of calling or chat, then simply use the easy contact form down below.


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