Global Impressions: The Elders

Global Impressions of The Elders series of portraits by Steadman Uhlich
What are Global Impressions?

The Global Impressions you see are verbatim quotes from people around the world who have viewed Steadman’s portfolio of images or individual images and have written public comments of their impressions of what they see in the portraits.  These “impressions” or interpretations of what these viewers see in the expressions and compositions of these remarkable portraits give an indication of how the public sees something special in each of these unique portraits.

Some impressions statements make it clear that these portraits move people emotionally in unusual and unexpected ways.  What is remarkable is that these people who wrote these comments did not know the individual (the subject) in the photograph.  In short, they were totally unrelated, not friends, not family, and had no personal connection to these people in the portraits.  Yet, they saw something special and felt strongly enough to write their impressions.

Steadman Uhlich: “I find the Global Impressions comments to be a fascinating thing to read each time I see one added.  These impressions show something special as these photos connect with people from around the world.  It often touches me as an artist when I read that people are moved emotionally by these images.  As an artist, it is one of my goals to create art that has depth of feeling and causes some reaction from the viewer. They are sometimes called ‘stunning’ and sometimes they even bring a smile to a face or even a tear or two. In fact the most satisfying thing I have experienced as an artist was watching as 14 different people broke into tears, literally, as they viewed these portraits. It was unexpected and truly an interesting thing to witness with my own eyes.  Two other people wrote to me that they broke into tears while viewing these portraits over the internet.  I find that amazing because these are not photos of people in distress, pain, war, or suffering. These are portraits of people who hired me to create something special for them.”

The Global Impressions are all honest Verbatim Quotes from written comments about Steadman’s work. The sources vary, but some are internet visitors, amateur and professional photographers, professional portrait artists, and people from around the world who admire his work.  None are related in any way to the subject (person in the portrait image), so these are not quotes from friends, family or relatives.

These Global Impressions can give you insights into the quality, impressiveness, and results that Steadman delivers to his clients and people he helps.  They can also give you some insights into his ability to create portraits (perhaps of you) that will generate feelings and positive emotions from the viewers or public.  This is important for you to consider.

For The Elders series, there were so many Global Impressions comments written by people around the world that a special document had to be created to show you all of their comments.  So please click on the color block button below (right) to download a PDF file to view those comments. Or click here, Global Impressions of The Elders Portraits.

What is also special is that these comments were all about people who felt that they were no longer “photogenic” or pretty or beautiful or handsome because they no longer were young. Yet, as the Global Impressions comments show, they still have an ability to touch people emotionally and to project a sense of character, strength, compassion, and warmth.  These qualities, along with their own unique “beauty” make these portraits some of the Global Favorites on Steadman’s websites.  A link is also provided so you can see the actual images that prompted these impressions.  Follow the link to another page on this site where you can see the Impressions comments beside the portraits.  These portraits are mixed in with other ages on these pages, so simply click the ”Next Page” link on the following pages to see the various images and comments.  There are many Elders portraits, so click through the first 50 pages to see them all. They start with this one:

Also see:

Key Points Summary:
Steadman encourages you to read Global Impressions quotes about his work because this reflects the way the public around the world sees his clients and others shown in his portraits.


Testimonials & Comments from a Wide Range of Very Satisfied People

Art Gallery Visitors

There are 140 Verbatim Testimonial Quotes you can read from Art Gallery Visitors who saw Steadman’s Art and Photography in an Art Gallery. These quotes are from people who saw his work up close while it was hanging in an art gallery at full size, often at “Life Size.” While you are able to view hundreds of photographs on this website or in Steadman’s online portfolios, you are only able to see these are low resolution and small sized images. The real photos Steadman makes are generally much larger than what you are seeing online. In some cases these photos are up to 5 feet tall! Others have been 10 feet wide! Even his portraits are generally life-size and so most are seen larger than you can see on your laptop or computer. In addition, the high resolution prints are amazing for the amount of details seen, the sharpness of details, the textures, and some even have amazing optical illusions that astounded art gallery visitors. So, if you will read some of these Art Gallery Visitor comments, you should get an idea of how someone may respond if you display a portrait or fine art photograph that Steadman has made for you, whether it is in your home or office. It is highly recommended that you read over these comments, because these people have actually seen his work at the sizes he recommends and displayed as he suggests.

Global Visitors and Global Viewers of Steadman’s Art and Photography

There are also verbatim comments and impressions from Global Visitors to his Studio website or others who have seen his work via the internet and who left their impressions of his work. There you can see literally hundreds of comments from viewers who were impressed, moved, and “stunned” from over 50 countries around the world. To read those comments, go to Steadman’s Old Studio Site and look at the comments beside the photos on each of the first 50 pages of that site. Those portraits have been called The Global 50 Favorites, but they were made and called that prior to Steadman’s trip across America.

Global General Impressions of Steadman’s Portrait Work

The following link is to a page which shows just some (31) of the many comments (hundreds) that Steadman’s portrait photography has received from viewers around the world. Many of these verbatim comments are from experienced photographers, many of which are professional photographers themselves. These comments are just the “general impression” type and are only about Steadman’s portrait photography, which is only one element from his larger body of work as a photographer and artist (painter). Global General Impressions of Steadman’s Portrait Photography

Steadman’s Portrait Clients and Patrons

There are also testimonials from Steadman’s Studio Clients who have actually hired him to produce artwork or portraits for them. To read those comments, simply click Testimonials About Steadman Uhlich: Client Comments.

Art Patrons and Hosts (Hosts in Steadman’s Visiting Artist Program)

You can also read full length Verbatim Testimonial Letters from Patrons and Hosts who hosted Steadman while he is traveling in 2011, 2012, and 2013 as part of his unique Visiting Artist Program. Those letters also give insight into not Steadman’s ability to create beautiful portraits or art for clients. They also give you verbatim comments on his character and trustworthiness. In many cases, Steadman was a guest of these hosts for several weeks (up to 4 months) and so the clients or hosts got to spend many hours with him. They saw him in many hours of social interactions, working with members of their own family, working with others in public, and as a professional artist focused on his subjects. They also got to know him from many hours spent together eating meals, traveling, visiting, and sharing stories.

Steadman’s Former Partners and CEO Level Contacts (Management Consulting Career)

Prior to beginning his career as a professional artist and fine art photographer, Steadman was for years a very successful and truly unique high-level management consultant working for two of the largest Big Six global consulting firms. His contact level was the Chairman, CEO, and other “C Level” contacts of some of the largest global corporations. He worked as a unique “Partner in Charge” of an innovative program for the largest firm. The following link will take you to a page where you can see 60 Verbatim Testimonial Comments from many of his partners (whom he helped) and some of his CEO contacts. 60 Testimonial Quotes by Former Partners and CEOs Regarding Results, Professionalism, Creativity, Consulting Skills, and Experience

Photographers Steadman has Mentored

There are additional testimonial letters from photographers around the world that Steadman has mentored. To view a few of these, visit Steadman’s PhotoMentors site that is focused on teaching and educating people about fine photography. There is a Testimonials category there with many verbatim testimonial quotes about Steadman and several verbatim letters from photographers he has mentored or helped. Steadman has had remarkable success in helping photographers (both new and experienced) learn how to see their photos in a new way and how to improve their own work to reach their own goals. He gives very practical advice in the form of his Simple Suggestions that any photographer can follow. And his style of communicating with and advising people on both abstract and technical topics has won praise from the people he mentors.

200+ Photographers Steadman Helped

There are 200+ Verbatim Testimonial Comments from Photographers Steadman Helped. These verbatim comments were unsolicited and publicly published by the writers on a highly regarded internet photography forum where Steadman helped photographers from around the world (amateur and professionals) improve their photography. Many of these comments were in an unusual, unsolicited, “Tribute to Steadman” (prompted by someone else) that thanked him for his service and helpfulness to the global online photography community.

44 Photographers Who Bought from Steadman

There are even testimonials from other photographers who have bought from Steadman in the past: Testimonials from 44 Photographers who bought from Steadman. There are Verbatim Testimonials from 44 photographers who have bought many thousands of dollars of photography equipment from him, online. If you have any doubts about buying anything from Steadman, you should read what they say about the accuracy of his descriptions of what he sold them and their high satisfaction with the entire transaction process.


Links to Various Verbatim Testimonial Quotes

Testimonial Quotes by 200+ Photographers Around the World Regarding Steadman’s Helpfulness, Service, and Creative and Critical Eye

140 Quotes by Art Gallery Visitors Seeing Steadman’s Work Lifesize and in an Art Gallery

Quotes by Global Visitors Regarding Just ONE Portrait Project for Just ONE Person: The Pianist

Quotes by Global Visitors Regarding Steadman’s Portraits of Elders

Quotes by Global Visitors Regarding Three of Steadman’s Equestrians Portraits

Testimonial Quotes by Photographers Steadman has Mentored

60 Testimonial Quotes by Former Partners and CEOs Regarding Results, Professionalism, Creativity, Consulting Skills, and Experience

Testimonial Quotes About Steadman Uhlich: 44 Photographers who Bought from Steadman

Testimonial Letters from Patrons and Hosts who Participated in Steadman’s Visiting Artist Program



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