Global Impressions: The Pianist

Global Impressions of The Pianist series of portraits by Steadman Uhlich
What are Global Impressions?

The Global Impressions you see are verbatim quotes from people around the world who have viewed Steadman’s portfolio of images or individual images and have written public comments of their impressions of what they see in the portraits.  These “impressions” of what these viewers see in the expressions and compositions of these remarkable portraits give an indication of how the public sees something special in each of these unique portraits.
Some impressions statements make it clear that these portraits move people emotionally in unusual and unexpected ways.  What is remarkable is that these people who wrote these comments did not know the individual (the subject) in the photograph.  In short, they were totally unrelated, not friends, not family, and had no personal connection to these people in the portraits.  Yet, they saw something special and felt strongly enough to write their impressions.

Steadman Uhlich: “I find the Global Impressions comments to be a fascinating thing to read each time I see one added.  These impressions show something special as these photos connect with people from around the world.  It often touches me as an artist when I read that people are moved emotionally by these images.  As an artist, it is one of my goals to create art that has depth of feeling and causes some reaction from the viewer. They are sometimes called ‘stunning’ and sometimes they even bring a smile to a face or even a tear or two. In fact the most satisfying thing I have experienced as an artist was watching as 14 different people broke into tears, literally, as they viewed these portraits. It was unexpected and truly an interesting thing to witness with my own eyes.  Two other people wrote to me that they broke into tears while viewing these portraits over the internet.  I find that amazing because these are not photos of people in distress, pain, war, or suffering. These are portraits of people who hired me to create something special for them.”

The Global Impressions are all honest Verbatim Quotes from written comments about Steadman’s work. The sources vary, but some are internet visitors, amateur and professional photographers, professional portrait artists, and people from around the world who admire his work.  None are related in any way to the subject (person in the portrait image), so these are not quotes from friends, family or relatives.
These Global Impressions can give you insights into the quality, impressiveness, and results that Steadman delivers to his clients and people he helps.  They can also give you some insights into his ability to create portraits (perhaps of you) that will generate feelings and positive emotions from the viewers or public.  This is important for you to consider.
For The Pianist series, there were so many Global Impressions comments written by people around the world that a special document had to be created to show you all of their comments.  So please click on the button below to download a PDF file to view those comments.
What is also special is that these comments were all about a single person, a single pianist.  Steadman created a series of portraits of this young pianist and displayed these together to show different aspects of her playing and personality.  Remember this, these comments are about a single person.  A link is also provided so you can see the actual images that prompted these impressions.  Follow the link to another page on this site where you can see the Impressions comments beside the portraits.
Link to the pages showing The Pianist series along with comments beside the images. This consists of THREE long pages, so scroll down each page to see the various images and comments.  There are three pages, so three links.

There are two other pianists with associated Global Impressions. You can see them here:

You might also enjoy reading some of the Global Impressions on a series of portraits Steadman made of Elders (people in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s).
You may also find the following interesting too:

Key Points Summary:
Steadman encourages you to read Global Impressions quotes about his work because this reflects the way the public around the world sees his clients and others shown in his portraits.


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