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Did you know this website can be quickly and automatically translated into YOUR language, if English is not your first language?

Simply look below the title on each page for the blue [Translate] link. There is one up above this paragraph just under the page/post title. Look for it on every page and post here on this site Click it and you can choose from 53 different languages. Our site software will quickly and automatically translate the entire page contents for you into your choice from those 53 languages. It only takes a few seconds per page! Try it.


Special Opportunities for Global Visitors

I have several Global Projects that will be launched in the future.

You can be a part of them!

I also have several opportunities for you to earn money in the future via my teaching site, PhotoMentors, too!

You should become part of my Global+Local Knowledge Network.

Call me via Skype to learn more about this and how it may benefit YOU in many ways.


Today, you are only seeing the

“Tip of the Iceberg!”

In English, that is an idiom that means you are only seeing a small fraction of what exists below and behind this site or what will be shown in the future.

Remember, this site is very young (started March 23, 2011 but based on earlier sites) and it is still being built (as rapidly as possible) and there are going to be great developments in the future.

There will be hundreds of Photos On-site by July 2011!

Each image/photo on this site will be carefully selected by Steadman Uhlich to show the wonderful range of classic and contemporary photography within his portfolio.


Special valuable opportunities go to the first person in each city in each country!

I have special opportunities for people in the various countries around the world.

Be the first from your country or city to establish contact with me via Skype and learn more about this. The First Introduction Call is free!

IF you are the first from your country you will receive a valuable benefit!


You should also add your name to the FREE site newsletter subscription list.

You have probably heard of bit of common sense wisdom like “The early bird gets the worm.” It makes sense and is smart to be the first in contact. Call today to find out how this may be of value to you.

This is a totally free email newsletter and is an infrequent newsletter that will alert you to other special opportunities in the future that WILL NOT be publicly published on this site or others.

The free newsletter subscription form is found on most pages on this site. Look in the lower right column of most pages. It only takes about one minute to fill in the needed information and to confirm you want to be added to the email newsletter list. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Some of the newsletters include special offers that are exclusive to the subscribers.

Some of those offers may be discounts as much as 50% on some items or services!

Subscribe today! It is totally free.


There will be opportunities for both pros and amateur photographers too.

Contact Steadman Uhlich directly via this site to learn more and become part of his global network of contacts. It may lead to a wide range of valuable benefits coming to you in the future.

Say Hello!

I also encourage you to use Skype to make a FREE First Introduction Call using a Skype-to-Skype call too. Call today and say hello for a few minutes and become part of my global PhotoMentors network.

Hours of Availability that fit YOUR schedule around the globe!

You may also call within a wide window of hours. My Global Operating Hours are 9:00AM (0900 hours) to 9:00PM (2100 hours) SEVEN Days a week. Those hours are based on Eastern Standard Time (New York City’s time zone).

I frequently speak with people living on the opposite side of the earth from me. It is not unusual nor is it inconvenient for me to speak with photographers in Japan, Australia, Pacific Islands, China, India, Europe, etc. I do this every week and even on weekends!

Don’t let long distances inhibit you from accessing the expertise that can help you improve your photography!


Global Communications in English or in Your Language (when possible)

What if English is not your first language?
What if your use of English is infrequent or limited?
What if you are not fluent in English?
What if your accent is strong?

You must speak some English to communicate with me, but you do NOT have to be fluent or your English could be “limited.”

English does not have to be your first language and you do not need a perfect accent.

You do NOT have to be fluent in English.

I have studied 12+ languages other than English (my native language). I truly enjoy speaking with people from other countries, other cultures, and those who speak other languages.

I am accustomed to communicating with people who are using English as a second language. I regularly communicate with people who are from: Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

I may be able to help you even IF your use of English is limited or IF you do not consider yourself fluent in speaking English.

Many people understand more English than they feel comfortable speaking. I understand that and why.

Many people who do NOT speak English frequently or fluently may feel inhibited about calling to speak using English.

Do not feel that way.

I am an expert in cross-cultural communication.


I can help you and will do my best to communicate effectively with you in your language!

I may be able to help you by speaking to you in:

  1. French

  2. Spanish

  3. Portuguese (Brazilian)

  4. German

  5. Dutch

  6. Italian

  7. Japanese

  8. Russian

  9. Swahili

  10. Mandarin Chinese

  11. Catalan

  12. Norwegian

  13. Swedish

  14. Danish

  15. Polish

  16. Romanian

  17. Finnish (coming soon)

  18. Bahasa Malaysia (coming soon)

  19. Bahasa Indonesia (coming soon)

  20. Croatian (coming soon)

  21. Serbian (coming soon)

  22. Slovenian (coming soon)

  23. Filipino (Tagalog) (coming soon)

So if you speak or understand one of those languages and some English or if you speak English fluently, we should talk!

I do not claim to be fluent in those languages (except English) and my accent and pronunciation in those languages may make you wince or laugh at times too. But I will try to help you in YOUR language as much as possible. I may be able to tell you (while speaking in one of those languages above) what I see that could be improved in your images/photos and how you could do it.

If you understand one of those languages and some English (even if not fluently) OR if you do speak English, you should be able to understand me and what I will be able to tell you about your photos.

I will speak in YOUR language as much as possible!

I will keep my comments simple, my speaking pace in English at a pace comfortable for you, and I will make Simple Suggestions™ you should be able to understand and apply even IF your use of English is limited. Read more about how this works on the Six Minute Solution page .



How Steadman Communicates Around the World

A dedicated page showing testimonials from others he has he helped globally

and some of the advantages to YOU of using his method to learn.

Better Communications for

Better Learning


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