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This is the home page or portal to three different websites created by Steadman Uhlich to show his work and help his prospective clients.  What you see here  will provide a quick overview to answer many of the questions you might have and will tell you about his current 2011 Traveling Art Project (where he is traveling the USA and creating new art and portraits in different locations).
NOTE: If you visit this site while we are editing the pages, you may see the pages display “all jumbled up” or with the blocks laying over each other.  Simply click “CTRL+F5″ on your keyboard to clear your browser cache and it will reload the page with the new layout. This just takes about one second and should allow the site to display correctly on your computer.

Navigation Tips:
There are over 350 portraits by Steadman and hundreds of  pages of material on these three sites.  Easy links to the relevant information are found in the black and red link buttons in the top left corner on each page.  The multi-colored blocks you see on this site are often linked to other pages of information too.

If you would like to view only pictures, you can do that via a links above to Steadman’s online Portfolios of favorite portraits. If you want to see what people around the world have chosen as their favorites, make sure you view the “50 Global Favorites” Portraits Portfolio (link is up above near the top of this page) and read the Global Impressions comments from around the world too (look for the colorful link buttons with globes on the right column of any page on this site).

That is highly recommended for any visitor who wants to see Steadman’s work. And you can see hundreds of Global Impressions comments on the linked pages that will show you how people around the world see the beauty and character in Steadman’s portraits. If you would like to read a few of those now, there is a short document showing some of the General Global Impressions.

This shows only a very few of the hundreds of global impressions comments that are scattered on the 50+ pages of the SUFA 50 Global Favorites. If you want to get a sense of what people say and write after seeing Steadman’s lifesize and framed portraits in an art gallery, then please take a look at the Art Gallery Visitors Comments page. This should give you an idea of what people may say when they see Steadman’s art or portraits on your walls.

If you are interested in possibly purchasing or hiring Steadman to make a portrait for you or of you, then please read the linked pages found via the RED BUTTONS up above. Those will give you a quick overview of what you need to know and prepare you for our first conversation or consultation.

If you would like to purchase something Steadman has made, such as a print of “Ghost Horse” or other Art Images, simply call the number shown in the red Contact box to discuss this with Steadman.

If you want to learn from Steadman by taking Private Lessons or through mentoring or via consulting or by having an image of your critiqued, then follow the link for Mentoring & Consulting to his PhotoMentors site.



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