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What 200+ Professional and Amateur Photographers wrote about Steadman Uhlich’s critiques and commentary of photography posted on internet photography forums.

Thank you for the time and the spirit you put in this photography forum, enhancing not only the photographer’s work but also the dialog on the art approach. Your eye, your technical skills, your friendly tone of voice helped many of the members, and I’m one of them.

And because you like french words, I will say :

Lorsqu’on marche en poussant les cailloux sur le chemin et qu’on ne soulève que de la poussière, on s’interroge sur l’utilité de la marche, des cailloux et même du chemin. On s’assied alors un peu désespéré.

Bien qu’il soit un inconnu, il est déja un ami, ce voyageur venu de loin, qui prend le temps de s’asseoir à nos côtés, nous chante les beautés du chemin et nous apprend à marcher sur les nuages.

When walking by pushing the stones on the path and that it raises as dust, one wonders about the utility of the march, rocks and even the way. It sits a little bit desperate.

Although it is unknown, he is already a friend, the friends come from afar, who takes the time to sit with us, we sing the beauties of the road and we learn to walk on the clouds.

Merci Steady


Steady is our Mentor from afar.

The soothing voice of gentle criticism mixed with inspiration and hope for the improvement of our craft. There are so many comments I have read which, while not directed at me or my work, have helped me to see ‘better’ than I would have before.

Steady is a TRUE example of the type of kind soul and passionate fellow photographer that makes boards like this work as they are intended.

By sharing a view, a comment, or a critique in such encouraging and non-confrontational manners, he demonstrates how it really should be done.

In addition to being a better photographer, I feel that he can teach me to be a better mentor when the time comes that I might be one.

Very deep regards and thanks to you Steady!

Norman (Canada)

After reading all the great comments/replies to my pictures, I’d still have to say

His were the most well organized and easy to understand critiques.

Name Withheld

As one of those who lurk and occasionally comment I would like to add my appreciation of Steady too.

I look at all the photos on a post, try to comment on them in my own head and then try to compare to Steady’s opinion. I have learned so much from his constructive advice, thank you.



I have been here (on another forum) for a year or so…it took me a while to get Steady and see how nice of a person he really is…and that

he truly just has a different eye on images then a lot of us do.

He always catches things that would take an image from good to great or from OK to great…

I think this community owes him a huge thanks for all the contribution and all the time he has put in here…


I just wanted to say thank you for all the time that you spend mentoring. I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on (the other photography community) the last few months because I just had a new baby and I’m still working at photography when I can carve out the time. Anyway,

you have always encouraged me and others to learn to use natural light,

and challenged me to get my exposures and white balance right the first time and not rely on fixing it later with Lightroom.

Last night, I had a family photo shoot and I will admit I do love to use a little bit of fill flash and have gotten pretty handy with it but

last night both of my flashes had the batteries die and I didn’t have spares.

But thanks to you- since I’ve learned to use available light and the amazing white foam board( which is also now a staple in my studio) I wasn’t stressed at all.

I just used my camera and the sun. I think they turned out well and I think my clients will be happy. So, thanks again for all the time you spend helping others out.

You’ve helped me to become a better photographer and certainly saved me a world of stress last night.


He is great. I still have a lot to learn and

every time he posts I feel like I learn a bit more.


As an almost full time lurker I feel I have to break my silence and agree with the overall sentiment being posted here.

His thoughtful and well composed comments and critique are wonderful to read as well as being instructional and inspirational for many like me…


From a long time lurker, I cannot express how helpful his comments have been to me. My every day ritual is to check these posts and see what else I can learn from him. I’m sure he has no idea how many he has helped.

I agree…..group hug!


I’ve seen many of Steady’s (critiques) and appreciate the thought, care and insights that go into them.

Thanks, Steady.


Even from just reading what he says about others photos I have learned a lot about photographing people.


Cheers to the time spent offering help to myself and others.

Name Withheld (Canada)

Ditto, many times over. Steady is a hero to everyone who wants to learn.


Steady exemplifies the best of what can be found…straightforward helpful advice for those trying to improve.

Thank you Steady,


(Steadman) has provided good insight and has been a big help. I appreciate his help and kind attitude.


Steadman has shown a great deal of skill, knowledge, kindness, patience and dedication to helping us all improve.


You are a jewel to the (photo community) my friend. ALWAYS genuine and clearly a great hearted human being.


Often said, scarcely more aptly than here, Steadman is truly a gentleman and a scholar.


Steady, your comments and suggestions show your real concern for others.

Your comments and suggestions don’t turn off but motivate and excite one to improve and do better.

I have taken your comments and suggestions to heart and thank you.


Steady represents the kind of online friend to which we should all aspire.


Agree with the sentiments above.

He can certainly foster mature dialogue in midst of disagreement.


Steady is what this (photo community) is all about, or should be all about.

He provides positive and insightful critique to help others improve. He does it with a polite, caring and helpful attitude and imparts his vast knowledge of photography and technique.

He may not always like the photo he is critiquing but he finds a gentle way to tell the poster what he thinks could improve the photo be it lighting, posing, background or a myriad of other helpful suggestions.

When a poster disagrees with him, he doesn’t take it personally and is the first to admit that his taste is sometimes isn’t in tune with the poster.

He expresses a desire to learn more about the reasons for the photo (i.e. the story behind it) so he can better appreciate what the poster is trying to convey.

His recent series of “Impressions” made many of us think about the person in his posting and what it said to us as photographers. 

I look forward to his replies and suggestions and try to absorb as much as I can from his professional and helpful advice.


I agree with all the comments in this thread, Steady is a pillar on the (photo community).


What a blessing you are.

Herman (Uganda)

Steady is just about as genuine as they come. I truly appreciate his approach along with his artistic and creative, professional ability.

Name Withheld

Steady is THE BEST! I’ve gained so much insight from him.


Thank you for the insight, Steady! It is always appreciated.


When you look at his photo, you feel the warmth of a friend (his eyes are sincere), a close friend.

His words of encouragement and criticizm are helpful and made with nothing but love for his craft and to help others better themselves.

I would love to meet him and buy him a drink.

Name Withheld

I appreciate ALL his words! Criticism coming from him is PERFECT and delivered nicely.


A true asset… I appreciate the time you take giving careful well thought comments… Even though they may not have been in one of my posts I have learned a ton…

Name Withheld

Yeah Steady! We have a completely different style, but your comments have been extremely helpful.


Wow…this is great and well deserved. I also want to thank you Steady for your contributions to this (photo community) and to me personally. You have proven very helpful for me in the past year as I have begun to explore photography more seriously.


Careful, measured, knowlegeable and appreciated.


Steadman does more for the forums and the people that frequent these forums than anyone else. His perspective is always refreshing / professional / detailed / and sometimes inspiring.


Want to let you know that I have learned so much by reading your suggestions. You obviously put time into your responses and you do it in a non-threatening way that lets everyone learn.


Your comments have been very helpful and cause me to think. I really appreciate your insight.

Name Withheld

I am always astounded by your awesome critiques.

You are the kind of person that make this (photo community) great.

Name Withheld

I have been totally blown away by your C&C (critiques and comments) on this forum.

Your critique is simply amazing.

Your thoughts are well organized, comments well written and advice given in the most non-offensive and constructive terms possible.

And your advice is always thoughtful and helpful. I felt compelled to send you a PM and let you know how much I really appreciate those posts


I think that Steady’s insights have helped me to dig much deeper into portrait and even street photography.

I think the highest honor would be to watch him in a studio for a day just to see his approach, interaction with the subject and then see the results.

I would think that it would be better than a college degree in photography!


I often read his posts after taking some time to examine the photo, and I am amazed at how much more he sees in the photo than I do. 

A perfect example of encouraging and constructive critique.


When I first posted (photos on a forum), I was worried about critiques and criticism. I wanted honesty but did not want to be cut up.

What happened was Steady’s responses have been more then beneficial, they are examples that I think we all not only learn more about photography, from his critiques but from his example, we learn respect for each others opinions and how to share them.


You’ve been a class act since the beginning.


Steady, I didn’t really understand why a thread was created in tribute to you, but now I understand.

I really appreciate your thoughtful and thorough comments and now realize how a little bit of background or history can go a long way in appreciating an image.


I must say it was such a pleasure to see that you (write) such wonderfully thoughtful and concise words to people looking for input.

You have a gentle style which combined with your wisdom makes for a very receptive environment for people to come and not be ashamed or intimidated to post their work.

just wanted to give you a big “thank you” and let you know that your caring input is greatly appreciated.

I am not sure enough people tell you how much your input means to this (photography community), so I want to make sure I did.


I am writing because I wanted to personally say thank you for all of the help that you have given people like me on the boards.

I constantly learn from your posts and explanations.

Name Withheld

I think you are a true asset…and I’ve learned a lot just by reading your feedback to others.

You’ve helped me indirectly with all the positive comments you post on others work that is directed to help them see what they have potentially done wrong…then how to turn that around next time and really capture a beautiful image.


I genuinely feel honored that you take the time to respond in such a way. When I see your images I feel I have a level to aim for. Your work is an inspiration to me, and to others, and without sounding too sycophantic I think it would be a real honour to visit your gallery and view your art. I feel proud to be able to participate in your Impressions series. Thanks to you for allowing me to be a part of it.


Thank you for the positive and useful comments you provide. Your work is amazing.


I think I speak for a lot of folks here when I say your thoughts and input to the forum are a tremendous plus for everyone.

In truth I am impressed by the knowledge, detail and length of your replies, I am humbled yet inspired by your comments.

I and my photographic skills, as well as this board are better because you have taken the time and effort to share your wisdom. You have great communication skills.


I am continually amazed by the insightful, comprehensive and honest Critiques and Comments that you offer others as it is a wonderful source of help to others (like myself) with less experience.

Your C&C stands out from the rest as truly exceptional.


I am one person who recognizes your kind, thoughtful and very helpful comments.

I really enjoy your professional insight and willingness to share.

A big ‘thanks’ to you.


I am what some refer to as a “lurker” on the forum. However, I have and will continue to learn from looking and “listening”. I thank and compliment you on the comments you offer.

You do so with style and class in addition to exhibiting a wonderful insight into photography and the photographic process.

My sincere thanks.

Name Withheld

Just truly wanted to say

your comments help so much and you say them in a polite way.

thanks again for being so kind and helpful.

Name Withheld

I’ll admit, it took me a little while to figure out if Steady was ‘for real’.

I figured that no one could be that nice of a guy. Well, I was wrong. I think it is very clear that Steady is as genuine as they come.

I personally love his presence here! A true asset to our community!

Here’s to you Steady!


I enjoy seeing your work. Your input is well thought out and meant to be helpful. One aspect I do appreciate is the simple elegance of your photographs and equipment. This serves, as a reminder to me that good equipment is only one component; you need skill, eye for detail and a passion for the art.

Name Withheld

I have seen all your impressions…You have a wonderful style and approach,


I always appreciate the time and effort you take to help others.

The knowledge you are sharing with us… is invaluable.

I marvel at the time you take to help others. Keep up your efforts. You help us all!


Thank you so much for your suggestion on taking pictures of people with dark skin. I really appreciate! You are very warm-hearted and helpful!


I think your Impressions posts are a wonderful idea and thoroughly enjoy them. I am very much a beginner and don’t feel that I can add much to the forums from a technical point of view, but,

your Impressions (discussions of images) give everybody an opportunity to contribute but just as important they make us think about the images and what mood or feeling you were trying to capture.


What stands out to me is your aptitude for capturing someone’s essence, if you will, with a very simple image. I think I’ve seen you allude to your striving for simplicity with your work, and I find that sort of simplicity/minimalism very appealing in photography.

You seem to have your style pretty well-refined. I’m very much in the midst of working out my own style and probably still have some basics to learn.

I think I would like to figure out how to make money with it, though in that regard I have hardly a clue where to begin.
I definitely admire your work. I find it interesting that you’re also a painter.


I find your work very inspiring and it makes me work harder on my portrait work.


Since I have been reading your (comments and image critiques) I have started to critique my own photography (mostly Landscape) to the point of improving my enjoyment considerably because I have moved from “that will look cool” to ” what do I want to say about this ” which means that I get more involved in my images.

I do not answer or comment very much as most of the time my reaction is “that’s cool” or ” that doesn’t get me” without really understanding why. By following your questions and comments I am starting to understand my why. Thank you.

New Zealand

There are so many great photos, I like them very much.


I must first commend you on your contributions to the (photography forums).

Your friendly tone and always tactful advice and critiques are what I endeavor to imitate. Thank you for your persistence and patience.


Your calm constructive comments are always welcome.


I really appreciate all of your comments on everyone’s work. You are a legend…


I have always admired your work and your opinion. Thank you so much for your input.

I will certainly remember your advice.


What wonderful work you do!

It is easy to make the cute kids or the gorgeous model look good, but it so much more important to capture the character of the person no matter the age, the gender, race or nationality. You have succeeded in that end.
I am flattered to have such a wonderful photographer take the time to offer me suggestions.


I’ve always been a lurker on (the forums and) hoping to learn and better myself in photography.

It is an inspiration to see your work and admirable that you share your knowledge and skills to help others.

If everyone can be a contributor like you, the world would be a better place.


You are a huge contributor in the forums…I am always learning from your comments man


I just want to thank you.

You have given me a stronger drive.

I think you are very compassionate.


Thank you Steadman. To even get a comment from you I consider the greatest compliment. Seriously,

whenever you comment I read with interest because of the depth of thought you put in.

Probably the biggest difference between yourself and us is that we see something and try and make it work as a photo, whereas you will think through what you want to achieve and then put it together.

It comes with experience and hard work and for sharing that with us I thank you.


Thank you for your previous help and comments with my outdoor lighting. I would very much appreciate your opinions as to if I’m improving and what I might further do to improve.

Thanks again for, not only the time and comments that you have offered me, but for all of those whom you help.

Many budding photographers definitely benefit from your helpful comments.


Thank you for your contributions.

They help me to expand upon my own notions of what a good photo is, and that is always a good thing.


You provide a very insightful opinion without making the photography feel like he or she is a total loser.

Name Withheld

Your advice is great.


…exactly the way you later cited.

Your critique was dead on.

Name Withheld

Thanks Steady,

your explanations make sense.

I appreciate the help.


It makes me feel good to get a comment from a great photographer like you.

I just wanted to say:

thank you for the encouragement and for taking the time to share your story and thoughts on this. Means a lot to me.


Thank you so much for all your help and for taking your time!


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you do.

You’ve been an inspiration, a mediator, and a mentor for so many, and probably a majority hasn’t contacted you.

I always glean a bit from your posts and admire your approach to gently helping others on this site.

You live a Christian life by example, and I just wanted to thank you for that.

Wish we were in the same state. It’d be nice to sit and have lunch some time and talk shop.


You are always informative. Just so you know, it’s never a waste.

The help you have given me and others is improving standards.

Just wanted to thank you again for your help. Thank you very much indeed.


Thanks for always providing helpful and constructive feedback on the forum. It has been a help to me and hundreds of others.

You take beautiful portraits and have a great understanding of lighting.


Seriously…you are by far one of the greatest assets to (the other forum) and photography as a whole…

I’m always amazed at how well you offer your critique and advice to everyone. I hope one day we can meet.


Thanks so much for taking the time to contribute to this community. It’s such a great place because of the people like you that are willing to help others out.


I value your opinion.


I was looking at your website, and noticed a lot of great portraits. I also read your tips on female models. Awesome job. Really helped me out in the field.

Name Withheld

I am going to refrain from posting anymore pictures on forums due to the fact that there are too many stalkers and…

not enough of people who really care and have the experience to make constructive criticism like you do.

I am very thankful of your always thoughtful and constructive comments.


WOW, I would have never thought of trying that. I have tried it on some other pictures and it really works. Thanks so much. (And you have got to write that book!)


Your friendly suggestions are really helpful indeed.


You’re one of the greatest assets (in this community). I only wish I had your energy and constant positive attitude.


I really enjoy your feedback.

Name Withheld

Steady, Yeah it really worked! I already tried it, much better tones with a single click, Thanks for that kind of tip, never seen that before.

You are a true diplomat.


I’ve been a lurker for a while and thought it was time to let you know that:

I always appreciate reading your thoughtful feedback on people’s work.

You go out of your way to help people,

and I hope you see the same kind of helpfulness repaid to you in your life. You are a kind, talented person.


I enjoyed your web site, and

the comments you make –very helpful and positive.

On your web site, the snapshot with your portrait work is very educational for me and appreciated.


I always look forward to your

insightful observations and recommendations

Name Withheld

I saw a thread in tribute to your contributions – congratulations and well-deserved!



Steady, you are not just generous with your time and encouragement, you’re fast!


A few months ago, you said you wished you were beside me for an air show and I said I wished you were too (because I would have learned from you).

From the first post of yours I read here, I knew you were intent on helping others.

Your Simple Suggestion, “Be Remote” is a great idea for getting family pictures that all will enjoy.

When I look at your picture in your posts, I think, “This is a guy who enjoys life and photography. When I read the posts, I know that you do... kids would benefit from having someone like you around. Thanks for all the helpful tips you offer.


I really appreciate your input and the time you take to give good feedback.


Just wanted to extend a personal “Thank You!” to you for your advice on the use of a diffuser.

I don’t take photos of people, instead concentrating almost completely on flowers, butterflies, spiders and whatever else in nature catches my eye and strikes my fancy. After reading your advice on using a diffuser, I picked one of those small, 22″ collapsible diffusers to use shooting flowers. Wow! What a difference! I have a collapsible reflector already, and can see this is going to open a host of new ways to use light in my images.


I like your critiques.


You give some very good critiques.


I look for your posts, as

I find them thought provoking and educational.


I really appreciate your critiques and have learned much from them. They are quite instructive and fair.


I felt the need to personally thank you for some of the posts you have been making on the (other photography forum) lately; you truly are a wealth of information and a gift to the community!

Name Withheld

Steady, you really are the nicest guy in the world aren’t you?

I’ve followed your posts over the past couple years and you always help everyone out without a bad word to say.


You gave me a thorough and thoughtful answer to my question.


I just wanted to tell you

I appreciate the many nice and helpful comments you consistently provide to aspiring photographers.

I am a longtime lurker, and I look at many of the People posts for ideas. Have learned a lot from you… please keep up the great work. This forum is very lucky to have you.

You are a good mentor for this community; if only everyone would follow your lead.


I really enjoy reading your critiques of others work. I always seem to learn something new each time.


I wish I had someone that lived closer to me that I could work with everything I have done or learned is self taught. I sometimes feel that is where. I have lacked of confidence in myself and worry that I will give someone a bad photo.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I love your work and the way you have included a way to make easy for people to get involved at the forum without feeling out of place and slow in getting into the community.

The time you take to comment in a positive way on as many photos as you can show that you love what you do.


One of the few that offers constructive insight and criticism. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


I just wanted to write you a quick note that your responses to critique requests are great.

Very gentlemanly, and very constructive–traits that are sometimes on short supply... Kudos to you!


You have the best attitude and most valuable advice.

I really appreciate your effort to try to help fellow photographers out. I’ve learned much reading your comments.

Name Withheld

Your assistance is appreciated by many, but

your efforts are above and beyond.

Thanks for your efforts to educate and inform.


I want to thank you for your comments to everyone.

You undoubtedly give the most constructive, consistent critique of anyone.

You don’t have the “I’m a pro and can’t spend time” attitude. So, thanks again. I always form my own opinions then read yours to see if I’m getting better with my ‘photo eye’.


I have appreciated the time you take to help with your thoughtful feedback.


I really enjoyed your words about yourself, as well as the aesthetic of this art. I am quite old in comparison to most members here and can appreciate what I see in other’s eyes, perhaps in a more knowledgeable way. It would be a great pleasure to talk to you.


I have been following your posts from the time you entered the forum. I am so

impressed that someone with your talent takes the time to help others in the kind way that you do.


I very much like your photos and your positive attitude towards people just entering the world of photography.




As always,

I value your opinions to the highest degree,

and think you are one of the top contributors to this (community).


You are truly a gentleman and your words and your work have given me much inspiration.


I feel like I know you already from having read your posts over the months.

In fact, I think you’re one of the best studio/fine art portraitists around.

I admire that because I once had lofty aspirations of doing studio work, until I tried it and discovered just how difficult it is and how much work and patience are required.


I appreciate the fact that you took the time to view and critique them. Thank you.

I felt honored that a professional photographer had a look and could give me a honest review.


I’ve seen and appreciated a number of your posts on some of the other forums, and I applaud this idea.

I’ve certainly noticed the truth behind your statement that there are different “vibes” in the different forums. More than that, though –

I’ve read enough of your comments to others to recognize that you’re quite knowledgeable, and ready and willing to impart whatever understanding you’re able to to others. I’ll certainly benefit from your writings.


If only there were more like you.


I read your posts all the time, and they’re

very informative and have always helped me learn a thing or two.


I am far from a newbie, but I always like to read good advice. And your advice is dominantly good advice.


You commented on my imagery and I was honored to have you do so.

I appreciate what you do and though you probably don’t get thanked, I know the photographers that you comment for are very happy you did.

I can’t tell you how great it felt to have you comment on my imagery.

Thanks for extending your hand and helping us.


I do refrain from posting much on (other forums) because of the MANY harsh and nasty comments I’ve read from others.

I do however really enjoy reading your posts and learning from you.

Name Withheld

I am a lurker who enjoys the forums on (other site), and you are a big reason why.

Your constructive criticisms are actually constructive, which seems to be out of the norm and your even handed responses are always thoughtful and generally make you think.

On behalf of everyone on the (other forum), I want to thank you and let you know we appreciate what you have done here.

It is obvious the time you take on your posts is considerable, I just want you to know it is appreciated. I look forward to what you have posted for beginners like me.


Your critiques and advice have been a tremendous help to me and many others. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to search for some of the tips you have written


I really appreciate your contribution to the (other forum).

I find your critiques to be extremely helpful and honest, yet you do so respectfully and provide valid feedback.

I’ve seen people take your feedback well and become better photographers.

Regardless, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your contribution and respect your opinion greatly.


I appreciate what you bring to the site and I always look for your comments.

I always look forward to reading your posts, specifically the technical ones (about vibrations and stuff). You have a wealth of knowledge and a big smile.


Thanks for offering tips for newbies. Also, I just visited your (Studio) website and all I can say is WOW. I love your classical portrait style.

I am truly humbled that you take as much time as you do to help folks.

You are probably the one most responsible for making this (other forum) work.

You were very kind to provide positive feedback. Most newbie’s like me desire good honest criticisms without a condescending attitude, and you deliver that time and time again.

I wish the other talented photographers were as thoughtful. Thanks again.


There is so much to learn and it’s a benefit to have (photographers) such as yourself willing to extend a helping hand. Keep up the great work.


It was great of you to offer help to noobs like me. I just got into photography a while ago and realized how great and challenging it can be at the same time. Appreciate all the help I can get.


You are doing us “Newbies” a great service. I have been very nervous about trying to do my own portraits, though I don’t even know where to start with what equipment (Lights, backdrops, etc) to purchase. Personally, I do most of my work with a small desk and the available lighting that I have.

I look forward to your “lessons”…as I know I could learn a lot from you (I read every suggestion you make on the photos).

Though I have posted on the forums (you commented on my imagery and I was honored to have you do so), and have commented on a few images, mostly I just read and look, knowing that I don’t have the technical knowledge to help anyone.

I appreciate what you do and though you probably don’t get thanked, I know the photographers that you comment for are very happy you did.

I can’t tell you how great it felt to have you comment on my imagery. Thanks for extending your hand and helping us NEWBIES.


I always read your posts because they’re always kind, respectful and help all who read them.

(Some) forums can get aggressive at times and having thick skin helps, but should you?…probably not!!!

Thanks for leading the way to a better experience.


I’m not a newbie, and I want on the list because of your obvious skill and generosity.


You will be of great help to many as you have already been on the (other forum).


You’re a champ for taking the time to put something like this together.

There is this looming reluctance to participate in the critiquing aspect of others work though. The simple reason for this is that I just don’t feel like I’m qualified to tell others where they need to make improvements. For that reason, I also feel like it’s unfair of me to ask others to look at my work and provide suggestions when I’m not willing or capable, from an experience perspective, of returning the favor.

I always find your approach to critiquing very helpful and done in the most tasteful manner.


Thank you very much for your time Steady. I read your posts and think it’s very kind of you to offer your experience and time.

I want to learn how to be more in control in my photo session. I feel that when I go to a shoot (not too many) I have a lot of ideas but when I get (there) and the people look at me ready to go, I kinda shut down. My ideas get lost and my confidence too. So I struggle after that. I would love to say, “Okay this is what you’re going to do…” and start shooting away.


“I have given up posting images (on forums) as I thought that some of the criticism was unjustified. I earn a living from wedding photography and it appears to me that some of these critics would not last very long in the real world.

Thank you very much for your constructive comments. I am sure that a lot of people will benefit from them.

Please keep up your excellent hard work.”


I’ve also seen the vicious feedback (on some forums), and also the defensive reactions of some to what was well written and well meaning critique. I lurk on forums more than I post, but principally because I’m not confident in my critiques just yet.

I appreciate your tips, and I’m a frequent reader of your posts on the (other forum), which are always helpful. Thanks.


Your work is stunning.
I wanted to thank you for your

helpful insights to photography.

Especially for someone like me who is just starting to learn.


I learnt a lot from your comments on others’ photos and try to put them into practice. I am looking forward to learn more from you.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for trying to help others.


I‘ve been flitting in and out of forums for about 5 years now and love reading the critiques left for the photographers brave enough to post. I have seen too many photographs unfairly shot down in flames by too many egotistic and insensitive “Photographers” never to post again (on other photography forums). To cut a story short…

I greatly admire the professionalism you use in your critiques, pulling no punches where a photograph has gone wrong but always offering advice on getting it back on track with tact and much sensitivity. Many thanks.


I always enjoyed and benefited from your comments, critiques, and observations.


I really enjoy reading your advice to others on how to improve their images. You have no idea how much just reading them has helped me pay more attention to what I am doing behind the camera.

I have a couple images I thought about posting but haven’t yet…guess I want to make them better before I do, since all of mine are straight from the camera with no PP involved.

Would enjoy reading your tips and as always will continue to enjoy reading your C/C and look forward to when you can C/C mine!


(I am) trying constantly to improve my photography. You have commented on my photos many times and I greatly appreciate it,

I also enjoyed looking at EVERY portrait on your website. You are a genuine person and I am glad to have met you here

in Technological Universe.

I have always found your comments relevant and insightful. We can all use hints and help, no matter how old we are or how long we’ve been at something.


I read a lot of your posts and appreciate the advice you give. Even though it’s not directed at me, I’ve learned a lot!




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