Testimonials About Steadman Uhlich: Read First

What is the value of a testimonial?

Steadman: “Throughout my working career, I have been dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service to my clients. I try to exceed their expectations and to provide a unique experience using my skills and knowledge.”

“The Testimonials you find on this site are the Verbatim Testimonials that my clients, Patrons, contacts, Art Gallery Visitors, and global viewers of my work (via the internet)  wrote.

Most of these were unsolicited comments.

Hundreds of these were publicly published by their respective writers on the internet for anyone to see.

Some others were embedded in internal memos, or in letters to my superior partners from my partners I helped, and some were in direct correspondence (letters or emails sent directly to me).

Some were from highly placed and experienced professionals with whom I worked for days, weeks, months, or even years.

Some were from highly educated professionals with whom I lived as a guest artist in their own home, for weeks or even months (during my current travels and as part of my unique Visiting Artist Program).

In ALL cases, these are their actual words and they were written about me or the work I did to help them.”

“In ALL cases, what you are reading are the verbatim and actual words used by those making the Testimonial statements or comments.

Of course these are excerpts, in order to reduce the number of pages required to share them on this site. In all cases, I have simply included the sentences or words that they wrote that I believe should quickly tell you something about my effectiveness in helping others.”

“Why don’t I show names? I used to show names for all of my Testimonials. I did that for many years. Then I realized that in order to reduce the amount of space and lines and pages needed to show the key statements, it was easier to show only those statements (without names). You may find names on my other sites or in the Testimonial letters I have on file or by asking me if you want to know. There are so many testimonial quotes that I may not remember the name of the person who said them all. But, there are many where I remember their words vividly. For some other Testimonial Quotes, I am providing full length letters that were sent to me. I exclude the names from those to protect the identity of my clients and contacts.”


Are these Testimonials and Quotes real?

The testimonials you see on the Steadman Uhlich Fine Art websites are all honest Verbatim Quotes from written comments about Steadman’s work. Of the hundreds of comments, most were unsolicited and written in an extraordinary internet tribute to Steadman that occured in a highly regarded public forum on photography, or in a public guest book at his art gallery. Others come from letters, emails, and other written documents. Many more were said, but not captured in writing, but those are not shown here.

Steadman: “The sources vary from clients, art gallery visitors, internet visitors, amateur and professional photographers, professional portrait artists, and people from around the world who admire my work. A few are from the global CEOs and Chairmen of the largest global consulting firms with whom I was a partner prior to launching his art career 10 years ago. Others were people (e.g. photographers around the world) who I have never met and may have been very remote from me, yet we communicated and “did business” or I advised them or helped them in a very satisfactory way.”

“Some involved international transactions and communications. Some involved “multi-million dollar” deals and some were smaller transactions of $1,000 or less.”

“In ALL cases, you should be able to see a consistent message that reflects how I might be dealing with you in the future.”


Why are these Testimonials important?

Steadman: “These statements come from literally hundreds of people I have helped in various ways.  If I am to help you, I hope to do so in a way that will lead to your satisfaction and a strong relationship based on trust.”

Key Points Summary:

These testimonial quotes can give you valuable input into the quality, impressiveness, and results that Steadman delivers to his clients and people he helps.  They can also give you some insights into his character and manner of dealing with people.  This is important for you to consider.

Steadman: “As I see it, these Testimonial comments may give you an unusual view of how I work and what I do that not only satisfies my clients or customers, but also indicates how often people are truly impressed or highly satisfied with our dealings with each other.”

Why is that important?

Steadman: “Simply because the manner in which a portrait photographer deals with their subject is critical to how the portraits look.  The portraits that are most special reveal something of the person photographed or painted.  This takes a special moment to be captured by the photographer or artist. To reach that moment takes establishing a relationship between the subject and the artist or photographer.”

Steadman’s Point of View:
“My three online portfolios of portraits let you see hundreds (350+) of examples quickly and easily at your home or office. While viewing 350 portraits does take some time, I encourage you to at least view the portfolio of the 50 Global Favorite Portraits at a minimum.  While viewing those 50 Global Favorites, please read over the comments beside each portrait. You will see comments from Art Gallery Visitors who saw these portraits properly framed and lit and life-size.  You will also get a feel for what people “see and feel” when viewing a portrait made by me.  It can be very surprising to see that some portraits touch complete strangers.”
Note: Some of the following links will open up a new page in your browser window and are links to pages found on another of Steadman’s websites, his PhotoMentors.com site.  It may take about 5 seconds for the first page to load as each page contains much content. Please wait as it loads.


Key Points Summary:

Steadman encourages you to read testimonial quotes and Global Impressions Comments about his work and manner because this reflects his way of dealing with his clients and others.  He considers this important to creating the best portraits of his subjects.


Testimonials & Comments from a Wide Range of Very Satisfied People

These are just a few of the many Testimonials about Steadman Uhlich’s help to others through advice and consulting and objective comments about his photography and art. There were countless more not shown here.

Art Gallery Visitors

There are 140 Verbatim Testimonial Quotes you can read from Art Gallery Visitors who saw Steadman’s Art and Photography in an Art Gallery. These quotes are from people who saw his work up close while it was hanging in an art gallery at full size, often at “Life Size.” While you are able to view hundreds of photographs on this website or in Steadman’s online portfolios, you are only able to see these are low resolution and small sized images. The real photos Steadman makes are generally much larger than what you are seeing online. In some cases these photos are up to 5 feet tall! Others have been 10 feet wide! Even his portraits are generally life-size and so most are seen larger than you can see on your laptop or computer. In addition, the high resolution prints are amazing for the amount of details seen, the sharpness of details, the textures, and some even have amazing optical illusions that astounded art gallery visitors. So, if you will read some of these Art Gallery Visitor comments, you should get an idea of how someone may respond if you display a portrait or fine art photograph that Steadman has made for you, whether it is in your home or office. It is highly recommended that you read over these comments, because these people have actually seen his work at the sizes he recommends and displayed as he suggests.

Global Visitors and Global Viewers of Steadman’s Art and Photography

There are also verbatim comments and impressions from Global Visitors to his Studio website or others who have seen his work via the internet and who left their impressions of his work. There you can see literally hundreds of comments from viewers who were impressed, moved, and “stunned” from over 50 countries around the world. To read those comments, go to Steadman’s Old Studio Site and look at the comments beside the photos on each of the first 50 pages of that site. Those portraits have been called The Global 50 Favorites, but they were made and called that prior to Steadman’s trip across America.

Global General Impressions of Steadman’s Portrait Work

The following link is to a page which shows just some (31) of the many comments (hundreds) that Steadman’s portrait photography has received from viewers around the world. Many of these verbatim comments are from experienced photographers, many of which are professional photographers themselves. These comments are just the “general impression” type and are only about Steadman’s portrait photography, which is only one element from his larger body of work as a photographer and artist (painter). Global General Impressions of Steadman’s Portrait Photography

Steadman’s Portrait Clients and Patrons

There are also testimonials from Steadman’s Studio Clients who have actually hired him to produce artwork or portraits for them. To read those comments, simply click Testimonials About Steadman Uhlich: Client Comments.

Art Patrons and Hosts (Hosts in Steadman’s Visiting Artist Program)

You can also read full length Verbatim Testimonial Letters from Patrons and Hosts who hosted Steadman while he is traveling in 2011, 2012, and 2013 as part of his unique Visiting Artist Program. Those letters also give insight into not Steadman’s ability to create beautiful portraits or art for clients. They also give you verbatim comments on his character and trustworthiness. In many cases, Steadman was a guest of these hosts for several weeks (up to 4 months) and so the clients or hosts got to spend many hours with him. They saw him in many hours of social interactions, working with members of their own family, working with others in public, and as a professional artist focused on his subjects. They also got to know him from many hours spent together eating meals, traveling, visiting, and sharing stories.

Steadman’s Former Partners and CEO Level Contacts (Management Consulting Career)

Prior to beginning his career as a professional artist and fine art photographer, Steadman was for years a very successful and truly unique high-level management consultant working for two of the largest Big Six global consulting firms. His contact level was the Chairman, CEO, and other “C Level” contacts of some of the largest global corporations. He worked as a unique “Partner in Charge” of an innovative program for the largest firm. The following link will take you to a page where you can see 60 Verbatim Testimonial Comments from many of his partners (whom he helped) and some of his CEO contacts. 60 Testimonial Quotes by Former Partners and CEOs Regarding Results, Professionalism, Creativity, Consulting Skills, and Experience

Photographers Steadman has Mentored

There are additional testimonial letters from photographers around the world that Steadman has mentored. To view a few of these, visit Steadman’s PhotoMentors site that is focused on teaching and educating people about fine photography. There is a Testimonials category there with many verbatim testimonial quotes about Steadman and several verbatim letters from photographers he has mentored or helped. Steadman has had remarkable success in helping photographers (both new and experienced) learn how to see their photos in a new way and how to improve their own work to reach their own goals. He gives very practical advice in the form of his Simple Suggestions that any photographer can follow. And his style of communicating with and advising people on both abstract and technical topics has won praise from the people he mentors.

200+ Photographers Steadman Helped

There are 200+ Verbatim Testimonial Comments from Photographers Steadman Helped. These verbatim comments were unsolicited and publicly published by the writers on a highly regarded internet photography forum where Steadman helped photographers from around the world (amateur and professionals) improve their photography. Many of these comments were in an unusual, unsolicited, “Tribute to Steadman” (prompted by someone else) that thanked him for his service and helpfulness to the global online photography community.

44 Photographers Who Bought from Steadman

There are even testimonials from other photographers who have bought from Steadman in the past: Testimonials from 44 Photographers who bought from Steadman. There are Verbatim Testimonials from 44 photographers who have bought many thousands of dollars of photography equipment from him, online. If you have any doubts about buying anything from Steadman, you should read what they say about the accuracy of his descriptions of what he sold them and their high satisfaction with the entire transaction process.


Links to Various Verbatim Testimonial Quotes

Testimonial Quotes by 200+ Photographers Around the World Regarding Steadman’s Helpfulness, Service, and Creative and Critical Eye

140 Quotes by Art Gallery Visitors Seeing Steadman’s Work Lifesize and in an Art Gallery

Quotes by Global Visitors Regarding Just ONE Portrait Project for Just ONE Person:  The Pianist

Quotes by Global Visitors Regarding Steadman’s Portraits of Elders

Quotes by Global Visitors Regarding Three of Steadman’s Equestrians Portraits

Testimonial Quotes by Photographers Steadman has Mentored

60 Testimonial Quotes by Former Partners and CEOs Regarding Results, Professionalism, Creativity, Consulting Skills, and Experience

Testimonial Quotes About Steadman Uhlich:  44 Photographers who Bought from Steadman

Testimonial Letters from Patrons and Hosts who Participated in Steadman’s Visiting Artist Program



Before You Buy Anything!

“Before you buy anything, you should consider the source and their background.

Whether buying portraits or advice from anyone, consider their reputation for helping other people and satisfying their clients or customers.

I encourage you to read and consider the many Testimonials about my work helping others and the unusual responses people have to the portraits I make for my subjects.

Read some of the Verbatim Testimonial Letters and Comments.

Do this before you spend anymoney.”




Hundreds of Testimonials from Photographers!

Here is a link to the Testimonials Category page of posts here on this my photography teaching and educational site:  PhotoMentors.com. There you will find many different posts of Testimonials from real people who have seen real results. Those are all Verbatim Testimonials. Shown below are a few of the letters I have received:


Verbatim Testimonial Letter from a consultation with Steadman Uhlich

Note: this Mentoring Session was conducted using voice over the internet (via skype) and image file transfers over the internet with the call taking place between the USA and France. The voice quality was crystal clear (it sounded like we were in the same room), the conversation was fun, stimulating, and electric with creativity, humor, and sharing. The only thing we could not share was the bottle of fine French wine.


“I came across Steadman Uhlich in a photography forum where both of us participate, and I was impressed with his commitment to helping people. From there, we shared some views, and, when he informed me that he was setting up a place where people could learn and improve, I knew I was going to try it out.

As it happens, that day, I had gone out and tried to make the most of the last of the autumn leaves. I love trees, especially when clad in full colour, but, somehow, have not been able to get any tree shots that make me go “WOW.” Out of maybe 300 such shots accumulated over 2 years shots, not one of trees, even though I love them, and shot them hundreds of times.

Now enter Steadman Uhlich. I told him this “story”, and expressed frustration. He didn’t give me any technical tips. I assume that, as he knew I could handle other types of shots/subjects, he also knew that the problem was more in “what to want to do” than in “what to do” or “how to do it”. So he told me what to want to do.

‘Imagine the tree in its permanence. Things come and go, people come and go, weather comes and goes, seasons come and go, trees remain. Go out and shoot the tree in all its varying conditions.’

Within a couple of minutes, I was totally inspired, having understood why I have up to now failed, and having had my mind opened to avenues that I had not even considered in how to deepen my approach to photography.

This part of the conversation lasted but a few minutes.

My experience as a business consultant as well as a personal development coach tells me that Steadman Uhlich is exactly who he claims, a true mentor.

Like a locksmith who can pick locks and open doors in people’s minds that free up capability, creativity and talent about photography.

Such people are rare, I am privileged to have found one who will deepen the pleasure and richness of my hobby.

Thanks, Steady!


Verbatim Testimonial Letter from a consultation with Steadman Uhlich


“I just wanted to drop a quick note to relay the experience I had with Steadman Uhlich a couple of days ago. On Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting Steadman in person and spending over four hours talking (in an onsite, face-to-face Mentoring Session), looking at work I had done and going over a little post processing. The time just flew by.

Steadman opened my eyes to many things including composition, shadows and light. Things I thought I had a grasp on, but no I did not.

He truly showed me a way to look at subjects in a way I have not read in books.

His way of teaching and making me look at myself is relaxed and laid back and very refreshing.

I would encourage anyone interested in bettering their photography skills to take the time and give him a call. You will not be disappointed in the time spent on the phone with Steadman. I am looking forward to our future meetings and learning as much as I can from him.”


Verbatim Testimonial Letter from a consultation with Steadman Uhlich


“Hi, my name is Jeffrey and I am from the Philippines. I just had a Free call using Skype with Photomentors and talked to Steadman Uhlich about photography and what I want to create.

When I first heard his voice, I was not nervous at all even though speaking in English, since English is my Third language.

The conversation that we had was worth it, all of the things that needed to be discussed were really clear, from voice to details.

I am also new in photography and after the conversation and my readings in the PhotoMentors website pages, I was inspired and have decided to take a journey with Photomentors.

I think this is way better than a photography workshop that I’ve attended because this will become more of a “Mentor and Student” relationship rather than “Teacher and Group of people Relationship”.

I believe Photomentors can change your life in a better way not just in photography, but also in your life as a person, after the call and the readings in the website.

You’ll never know, One Call could Change your life! “


Davao, Philippines

Verbatim Testimonial Letter from a consultation with Steadman Uhlich



I just wanted to take a few minutes to again thank you for all that you’ve done for me.

I originally posted on [photography forum], a project that I was trying to accomplish with my Grand Daughter, utilizing Natural Light, of her playing her guitar by the window. I knew that I wanted to do them in B&W, so I posted my 1st try on [photography forum], in the People Photography forum. I was getting a lot of people looking by no one really taking the time to comment.

I really was looking for help in this area, as I really wasn’t just posting shots, I really wanted to learn & improve my results.

Steady, this is where you came along, you presented me with some positive comments, but at the same time, showed me where improvement could be made, or at least explored. You offered to talk to me, for a few minutes, to further discuss some of your comments.

I must admit, that at the beginning I was somewhat hesitant, as I’m “fairly new” into photography & thought that I might easily be overwhelmed, in our talks. How wrong I was!!!

Steady, you immediately made me feel right at home, no intimidation at all.

We were miles apart, yet I felt like you were right there with me, not talking down to me, but to me & where I maybe didn’t understand what you were saying, or what you meant, you took the time to reword things, explain, maybe in more detail, but using another approach. I found myself, even asking for more & more.

Then we started analyzing the pictures that I had posted.

You started pointing out things to me, especially in the facial area, that I never really saw, they were always there, but what a difference in the eyes of the beholder.

We started discussing the limitations that I had in where I was shooting the pictures (in my daughter’s kitchen, table & chairs pulled off to the side, me shooting out in the hall way). You could have very easily said, “well find another spot”, but you didn’t. You sat down & said, “so let’s see what we can do with what we have”.

Ideas, that you mentioned, about positioning, cropping, trying to get the viewers’ eyes to do some of the work for us, showed me so much in a different perspective.

Can’t thank you enough!!

Thanks again,

Bob V.

Verbatim Testimonial Letter from a consultation with Steadman Uhlich

“Enabled me to Unlock..”



This was the third time I mentored with Steadman Uhlich, or, more accurately, was mentored by him.

Today my issue was that I had taken a picture which I really liked, posted it on a couple of forums, and, uncharacteristically received, no comment or response whatsoever. So I asked Steady why that might be.

He started by looking at my picture, stating that he saw that it had potential, and asking me what I saw in it. I mentioned the straight stem of the flower, and the sphere adorning it, and the contrast with the sideways leaves, like so many brushstrokes in Oriental style.

He agreed with my “take” on my picture, and said that, if that was the case, why did I not do simple things to make that more immediately visible to the viewer?

He suggested darkening the background. That took me all of 30 seconds, and already made a significant impact. Then he suggested different framing and or cropping, and gave me 4 options. Another 4 or 5 minutes maybe.

Simple, once Steady had suggested it.

He made it feel so obvious, yet nobody else had seen the potential of the picture and enabled me to unlock it.

Thanks, Steady! You and I must do this more often.

Philippe Berend

Verbatim Testimonial Letter from a consultation with Steadman Uhlich

“You have restored my self confidence.”


“Just a short note to say that [our consultation using] Skype yesterday was

the most effective photographic tutorial of any length of time that I have experienced.

Your advice pinpointed for me a couple of areas where I was going astray, especially in the composition of my photos and by helping me identify those areas you have restored my self confidence, which was seriously lagging.

If you can achieve what you did for me in just [that short time], then I would have to say you are a genius.

I cannot thank you enough

I will be back. Many, many thanks”

Timothy Ashton

Sydney, Australia

Verbatim Testimonial Letter from a consultation with Steadman Uhlich


On Steadman’s Six Minute Solution

“Hi my name is Jeffrey, I am from Davao, Philippines.

I have heard about this new service from Steadman Uhlich at PhotoMentors called the “Six Minute Solution.” As a mentee from PhotoMentors, Steady and I had a talk via Skype from several photos that we take a look at and some of these photos were quickly fixed and improved with Steadman’s “Six Minute Solution.”

I am totally amazed on how Steady made my snapshot photo look great and that you could even do it with a non professional camera in a short period of time.

He could provide some solution on how to improve your photo quickly, and that includes photos possibly taken from your camera such as; DSLR, point and shoot or even with a Mobile phone camera.

Just imagine how your photo will be quickly fixed or improve with a low cost session from a 10 year professional photographer who had his own art gallery exhibit shop.

Yes, only one photo per call but one photo could make a big difference on how you shoot the next hundreds or thousands of pictures in your life.

Jeffery Wee

Davao, Philippines

A Verbatim Testimonial Letter from a series of Six Minute Solution Sessions with Steadman Uhlich


“As a hobbyist family photographer, I was a bit anxious about showing

some of my pictures to a pro for feedback.

I can, however, not commend Steadman enough on his skills as a mentor.

He is a natural with how he approaches the areas where improvement can be made, taking his time to really make sure that you understand the points being made in a very easy-going and friendly dialogue.

His suggestions are efficient and to the point, focusing not only on the specifics of a particular photo, but also,

taking care to explain why and how this could apply to many other photos as well.

Highly recommended!”

David, Switzerland


Steadman’s Notes on the Above Testimonial Letters

Bob is now on the path of making beautiful, Black & White, natural light portraits in a very limited space.

Philippe is finding new ways to look at his fine art photography subjects with renewed enthusiasm and confidence.

Jeffery is learning how to make photos of people that capture attention with compositions that are stronger and “Art Gallery Quality.”

Tim has regained his confidence in his work and is stimulated to try new compositions and new ways of presenting his vision to the viewer.

David now has a new set of conceptual visualization tools to use when composing his photos and working with his model. He is now able to see that there may be hidden beauty in a photo that can be discovered in just a few minutes…in fact, in Six Minutes or less!


Your Introduction Call is free, but what you might receive or learn later is priceless!™

Your First Introductory Call will be directly with Steadman Uhlich.

If you have Skype, simply click on the “Call Me” button in the upper right column of any page on this site to make a free Skype-to-Skype call.

If you don’t have Skype yet, you can download the free Skype software in minutes via the link below the buttons below.

If you want to call using your own land-line phone or cellular phone, simply dial my Direct Dial number: (646) 233-1511.

My phones are generally answered during my normal operating hours of 9:00AM to 9:00PM EST (New York City Time Zone). Feel free to call anytime within that 12 hour window, 7 days a week.

If I am not on a call with another person or busy on a project, I will be happy to speak with you. If you get my answering machine or voicemail it means I am on a call with another person or busy. In that case, simply leave a detailed message on my voicemail with instructions on how I should contact you.

If you prefer to send an email you may do that by visiting my Contact Page or by using this address:


Most voice messages receive a call back within two hours, whenever possible. All emails are answered the same day, whenever possible.

Call now. It is the first step to getting an unforgettable portrait, a beautiful photograph or painting, or a new way of learning and growing in photography.

You will find my service begins with a friendly hello.



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