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The Builder
Art StyleTM Portrait
Unforgettable PortraitTM
Global Visitor Comments
"He looks very dignified and wise. Important."
Huixian, Taizhou, China
"This portrait shows a man with longevity and prosperity. He looks like a king."
Mamansani, Niamey, Niger (Africa)
"Great portrait. Looks like a classic statue in a museum. Wise and powerful."
Hassan, Karachi Pakistan
"I am amazed with the overall quality.
The main thing that caught my eye was
how you use the light. "
Rui, Oporto, Portugal
"I'm often drawn to a specific image by a photographer and am eager to see more of their work, to be inspired, and to learn from them.
I'm frequently disappointed to find that the larger body of work doesn't share the same
attention to detail or unique voice that made the single image so powerful.
Quite the opposite was true
as I spent time with your photographs.
In short, I found your work to be remarkable.
This was my immediate and persistent reaction."
Kate, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
"Success is a ladder which cannot be climbed with both hands in your pocket."
Kamran, Lahore, Pakistan
"The images were breathtaking."
Josh, Nairobi, Kenya
Art Gallery Visitor Comments
The following are some of the verbatim written quotes (comments) left by Art Gallery Visitors who saw Steadman's Portraits and Art 'lifesize' in his Art Gallery. Remember, these comments are from people who don't even know the person in the portrait.
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"Better than the work I have seen in
New York and Los Angeles."
"I am amazed by the originality of your work.
It is so unique and you have something for everyone to enjoy.
Gorgeous. My favorite photographs in the gallery are of the
people you transformed...truly amazing."
"Beautiful art"
"The most incredible art I have ever seen...breathtaking"
"This is photography that speaks to your soul.
Each photograph makes me want to know
the story behind it. 
Beautiful works of art!"
"Eye-arresting work. Absolutely captivating."
"Very moving"   "Very original"
"I can't pick my favorite
because they are all so beautiful."
"Your passion is fantastic!"