Nila (Blue)
Art StyleTM Portrait
Future Lifesize Painting by Steadman Uhlich
Unforgettable PortraitTM
Global Visitor Comments
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"This portrait is truly inspiring.
This lady looks as if she represents
the whole of India.
She is unknown to me, yet I feel as if I know her.
I was left breathless."
Sunil, Navsari, India
"So stunning, so spiritual.
How beautifully you display the beauty of her culture. The sensual and the essence of 'Woman' without ever showing her skin. You show her beauty from within.
Rebecca, Tehran, Iran
"You have a gift for communicating an emotional connection between your subject and your audience.
I find myself asking:
'What were they thinking?'
Or, 'What were you talking about?'
Thank you for the inspiration."
Gene, Windsor, Canada
"Truly elegant portrait of beauty."
Huixian, Taizhou, China
"Beautiful eyes and authentic beauty!"
Mamansani, Niamey, Niger (Africa)
 "Vivacious and alluring beauty"
Yuye, Tieling, China
"Classic beauty, so natural and stunning"
Hassan, Karachi Pakistan
"Beautiful and true happiness."
Nsiande, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Art Gallery Visitor Comments
The following are some of the verbatim written quotes (comments) left by Art Gallery Visitors who saw Steadman's Portraits and Art 'lifesize' in his Art Gallery. Remember, these comments are from people who don't even know the person in the portrait.
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"Beautiful Work. Very special. Exquisite."
"Very spiritual and healing."
"Your art is out of this world!
Absolutely amazing!"
"This is too good to be local or regional."
"Your work is simply breathtaking!"
"I am blown away."
"Words cannot express my fascination."
"Very Impressive...enjoyed very much."
"Absolutely beautiful. Very mystical."
"The work is stunning in its use of color!
The detail in each work is breathtaking." 
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