Vivace | Lively
One Performer and Four Unforgettable PortraitsTM
from Steadman Uhlich's Pianist Series
The following are some of the verbatim written quotes (comments) left by Visitors from around the world. Remember, these comments are from people who don't even know the person in the portrait.
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Note: On this page, scroll down to see all four portraits. There are many more pianist portraits
in Steadman Uhlich's Portfolio.
Beautiful portrait, great expression, looks timeless.
Sean, New Hampshire, USA
“I gasped when I saw the color version. It is extraordinary.
Really, it is a magical portrait.
I have a lot of records, (well, cds now), have seen and studied hundreds of musician portraits and
this one is far and away the best I've ever seen. 
WOW is all I can say.”
Bob, Washington, USA
“I see a vitality and intelligence shining from her eyes,
a strong will coupled with good humor.”
Arun, Los Angeles, California, USA
"You catch some special moments that tell us
something about that person in the portrait.
You can feel someone inside.
You open your soul to the person. 
It looks like a Rennaisance painting.
She looks beautiful, not like a photo, more like a painting.
The longer I looked at these portraits, the more I see. 
I imagine if I had one of these in my house,
I would see something different in it
every time I looked at it.
The "Golden Moment" is very extraordinary. 
I am amazed by it!
It is mysterious. Like a miracle has caused the light. 
I can see and imagine an autumn day
in a forest in afternoon light.
I imagine a lake by the forest is reflecting the trees
and the light of the setting sun beyond the trees. 
It makes me feel very calm and relaxed and reminds me of beautiful moments when I was at my summer house
near the Baltic Sea.
It is just a moment you have of her in this portrait,
but I feel like I have known her for many years.
Like she is an old friend I haven't seen in a long time. 
I feel very close to her and when I look at these portraits of her, I feel like I am watching a friend
with her many moods and expressions.
They make me smile when I think of that.
I like these portraits very very much. They are art."
Oxana, Riga, Latvia 
"This looks like a 19th century painting in a museum,
not a modern photograph.  It looks like a sunset on a lake.  Very beautiful. The pianist is very beautiful and elegant too. She looks intelligent and sensitive and very professional.
Remarkable portraits."
Andre, Kaliningrad, Russia
I can't help but notice that she is "in her element"
where the rest of the world can go by
and she is only conscious of the music.
She seems to pour herself into her performance.
Very few people can become so proficient at what they do to that it becomes an integrated expression of themselves and not simply notes on a page. She reflects not only a natural beauty but a power and control
over these elements of her performing world."
Ron, Owingsville, Kentucky, USA
“I've seen, heard, and played with a lot of pianists
over the years and one thing I often notice are their hands. They are almost always graceful, moving like little ballet dancers over the keys. The woman in your portrait has those kind of hands. I also know a number of very fine pianists, including a Grammy award winner that in person are very shy and reserved. It's only when actually playing that you realize they "brought a big stick" to the piano.
I see shyness in the portrait as well.
Kind of like you caught her in the middle of a piece,
she noticed you, and perhaps slightly embarrassed,
gave you a quick smile.”
Bob, Walla Walla, Washington, USA
“I see joy, grace and passion in this image.
Happiness. Confidence.
The woman is somewhere she feels very comfortable.
I'd like to hear her music.”
Janna, Sacramento, California, USA
“It is a stunning portrait. 
A portrait which conveys style and intimacy.”
Simon, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK
“A most impressive image.”
Ja'All, Seoul, South Korea
Her glance over to you indicates her delight
and pleasure in surprising you with her ability.
She loves the audience reaction
and feeds on the atmosphere of the moment. 
She oozes confidence in what she does best.
Alan, Yorkshire, UK
“Elegant woman who appears to step into her element
when she plays the piano.”
Chelle, Chapamanville, West Virginia, USA
"Although I can see her in a really calm mood,
the light, her eyes, the hand in the air
and the grand piano
gives me the idea of the forceful passion
for music she feels.
That is a difficult sensation to achieve
and capture in a photo.”
Santiago, Buenas Aires, Argentina
“She looks like she is enjoying what she is doing
and gives me the impression that she hopes
I am also enjoying her music.
It is a very welcoming expression on her face.”
Ethan, Denver, Colorado, USA
“I love this picture.
Especially the position of the right hand,
at some musical moment, is lovely.”
“My first impression is "pleasantly surprised".
As if a curious child has just walked up to investigate where the wonderful sound is coming from.”
Mark, Maple Valley, Washington, USA
“Confident and powerful.”
“My impression is a sense of a confidence in her craft
and an activity job that she loves to do.
Great portrait!”
Sacha, Sydney, Australia
“A lovely lady and a very artful composition. 
Her face glows with her mastery and confidence...
the great artists are defiant in their approach
to the most demanding music,
and nearly mock the instrument as they play.”
John, Seattle, Washington, USA
"Juste avant…
Elle m'a emmené pour un voyage
avec sa musique pour seul tapis volant.
Le voyage m'a fait découvrir des émotions nouvelles,
fortes et douces.
A présent qu'elle sait que la dernière note est sous son doigt, elle guette ma chute,
savourant son chef d'oeuvre"
(English Translation Follows)
Just before…
She took me on a musical journey
with her music as on a flying carpet.
The journey let me discover new emotions,
sweet and powerful.
Now that she know that the last note is below her finger, she expect my fall,
enjoying her masterpiece"
Yves, Brussels, Belgium
“Impish, self-concious,
someone I'd like an opportunity to get to know.”
Mike, Liberty Hill, Connecticut, USA
“She might break out laughing
because she is enjoying what she is doing.”
Dan, Soda Springs, California USA
This is what I see in this picture:
music flowing, releasing emotion. 
The pianist seems to be deep in contemplation.
Teresa, Ogden, Utah, USA
“A very warm and caring piano instructor
and good looking too! 
Lovely.  A classic portrait.”
“This screams classy, and she appears as someone who would want you to pull up a chair next to her
and just listen as she plays for the sheer joy
of sharing music with another.”
Daniel, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
“Impressionist’ I love it.”
Michael, San Francisco, California, USA
“I see vitality and intelligence shining from her eyes,
a strong will coupled with good humor.”
Arun, Los Angeles, California, USA
“I have to say I am stunned at the perfection
of the lines in this image.
The expression in her face is one where time has slowed and she is able to ponder her progress
while not losing time or intensity.
Classical musicians practice hours and hours playing the same piece, or parts of it over and over
hoping to achieve perfection.
When finally ready to perform they can in a way, let go, or forget all of those hours and just let the music flow.
I've heard some performers say that sometimes it seems they are watching themselves play.”
“I see a performance by a true artist.
This moment in time that you have captured
shows the confidence of hours spent,
the artistry of the performer,
the joy of the music,
and the beauty of the performer
when they are all put together.”
Bob, Walla Walla, Washington, USA
“I find myself wondering what she is thinking.
She seems to be very focused on her art,
and my eye is drawn to hers and back out yonder.
Her concentration is clear, her love is defined,
she has found it in the keys.”
Geoff, Vernon, Canada
Des milliers de notes, chacune subtilement insérée dans l'ensemble, partition un peu trop classique pour l'artiste.
Elle sait qu'elle peut le faire, remettre en question toute son inteprétation par cette simple note, début d'un changement, origine d'un nouvel univers musical.
Rien qu'un moment, elle hésite.
Plus pour longtemps"
(English Translation)
"To dare.
Thousands of notes, each one subtle inserted in the whole music, score a bit too classical for this artist. She knows that she is able to do it, to totally rebuild her interpretation by a unique note, beginning of a major change,
origin of a new musical universe.
Only one more moment, only one…she's still undecided.
Not for a long time anymore.
Yves, Brussels, Belgium
“Intelligent, warm and fun. I wish I had more friends like her. I was affected by all three photographs.”
Bif, Nagoya, Japan
 “Seeing the young lady in the photograph is a fine reminder of the beauty of youth as that has been fully captured in the photograph.”

“Mirth. Laughter at the not so obvious, as a trivial thing,
she can concentrate on laughing at/with you while playing the piano (not so easy for some of us). Like the look my grandmother would give me - the look that no matter what I am worrying about, it is ok, she knows
and maybe someday, I will too.
That is a look from the experienced to the greenhorn.”
Lee, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
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Power and GraceTM
These are the hands of the pianist above.
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