The Steadman Uhlich Collection consists of original paintings in various media and hundreds of fine art photographs created by Steadman Uhlich.
SUFA also provides special art services including commissioned artwork, commissioned portrait creation, art consultation, and specialized art lighting products. You are invited to meet the artist in person to see the entire collection.

On this website you will be introduced to many aspects of Steadman's approach to fine portraits. The Website "Tour" is designed to answer questions and provides examples of the many distinctive styles of work created by Steadman.
Along the Tour you will be introduced to key terminology, shown examples of amazing 'transformations,' learn something of how his work has affected people, and see details (close-ups) of some of his favorites. Steadman also included some of the stories behind the images you will see.
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Unforgettable ArtworksTM
by Steadman Uhlich
Flower Fascination
Art StyleTM Portrait  24" x 36"
Future Painting by Steadman Uhlich
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Unforgettable PortraitTM
Fine Art Photography
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"She is absorbed in colors.
Like a flower from heaven."
Kamran, Lahore, Pakistan
"This is an angelic portrait. 
I have been to visit your website several times. Your work is really wonderful.
How you can make an ordinary person
so perfect and fantastic! 
All of the pictures on the website are
full of mystery and they look very silent.
I can't find words to describe my feelings
when I first entered your website. 
Each of your works is really a masterpiece."
Huixian, Taizhou, China
"A little princess!"
Hassan, Karachi, Pakistan
"Splendid work."
Homero, Masaya, Nicaragua