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 Art StyleTM Portrait
Future Lifesize Painting by Steadman Uhlich
Unforgettable PortraitTM
Global  Visitor Comments
Fantastic work.
You are truly gifted with a camera and with people.  Absolutely stunning."
Jeff, Chicago, Illinois, USA''
"Mysterious and beautiful!"
Huixian, Taizhou, China
"Awesome eyes and portrait"
Hassan, Karachi, Pakistan
"Lily is truly terrific. Probably not much I can say here that has not already been expressed to you. 
But the one word is: Captivating."
Jeff, Chicago, Illinois, USA
"Lily is beautiful. She seems so deep and pure."
Muriel, Yaounde, Cameroon
"You are a Master, a Master Artist. 
Your work is awe inspiring."
R.H., Sacramento, California, USA
"Lily is stunning."
Brooke, Santa Rosa, California, USA
"She is hiding her secrets or her pride or not letting go of her dignity, but all in a captivating way.
White Lily is what we get in return. "
Kamran, Lahore, Pakistan
"This photo says so has the look and feel
to be on the face of a coin."
Chad, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
"The pose, the gaze, the flower, the robe, all evoke
a sense of peace and calm serenity.  Very classic."
Karl, Toronto, Canada
"Lily is wonderful.  Beautiful."
Global  Visitor Comments
"Strength, grace, humor, intelligence and beauty.
I feel as though each of the portraits in your portfolio somehow have aspects of these and that
you have managed to get the subject to
project their individual personality.
The work as a whole illustrates
some of the best human qualities there are. "
Gwen, London, UK
"This is the work of Genius!"
Mamansani, Niamey, Niger
"You have a very fine body of work.
I like your bold, classical style.
Elegant and yet deceptively simple.
And the the posture of your models, lighting and compositions are all exemplary. I also liked that there are people of all ages on your site and all are treated with the same careful, well crafted, and studied hand.
Liam, London, UK
"Your work is fantastic.
A very strong and inspiring body of images."
Chris, Melbourne, Australia
"You don't communicate through your photos on a physical or even emotional level,
but instead on a spiritual level."
Daan, Utrecht, Netherlands
"I find your photography to be downright beautiful.
The lighting, tones, and mood are both
powerful and elegant at the same time.
Mark, Lilongwe, Malawi
"I am struck with the way your subjects speak to me. They all have a story to tell and you have captured it."
Craig, Edmonton Alberta, Canada
"I find all of your work quite stunning. "
Kevin, Adelaide, Australia
"A very lovely feeling and a wonderful quality...
that immediately jumps out to me
as being straight to the heart."
Frank, Emmeloord, The Netherlands

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